1. M

    Nano4x Reject to execute my withdrawal Request

    Hello, Nano4x is a totally scam My name is mohamed hosam Account no 713703 I am 5 years experience trader I open my account with nano4x at 03-25-2012 I uploaded my documents They approved it in the same day I deposit 100 $ by LR at 06-20-2012 They gave me another 100$ as a bonus I traded and...
  2. I

    Nano4x stolen deposit money client!!!

    VERY IMPORTANT!!!! WARNING!!! nano4x STOLE my deposit money nano4x is FRAUD... STOLE MONEY DEPOSIT ALL CLIENT Please check my account statement account : 715388 investor password : ptYYehPed7 i am deposit 1000$.. i has start trading.. any profit and any loss. but status my balance...
  3. S

    Withdrawal from Nano4x

    Hello, I herewith report my case with Nano4x, a forex broker with its website: Online forex trading - Nano4x: first technology-driven broker . Please review the following emails correspondence between I and Nano4x : 1) Nano4x Support email dated 10 Oct 2011 : Date: Mon, 10...
  4. ali reza

    NANO4x Issue - RESOLVED

    Hello. NANO4X My Acc# : 687614 i have made a withdrawal request with these details : ================= Ticket: 892530 Account:687614 Method:Web Money (WMZ) Amount:$ 500.20 Status:New Date:Aug 18, 2011 10:41 Comment: ================== they didn't execute my order. i sent some...
  5. Y

    GUILTY Case# 2012-068 | ywlee vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I have an account (716630) with Nano4X and I have deposit USD 200 initially 19 April 2012. I have made a request for withdrawal of USD790 from them on June 28 2012 after I made some money...
  6. Y

    Nano 4X refuse my withdrawal

    My name is Lee Yan Wuu I have an account with Nano4X with account number 716630. I have requested a withdrawal on June and my account shown it has been executed. However, I am still not receiving any money from them. Anyone please help how to resolve this issue.
  7. F

    NanoFX is at its end/Nanofx nicht mehr erreichbar, am Ende?

    NanoFX is at its end/Nanofx nicht mehr erreichbar, am Ende? Nanofx ist seit Montag nicht mehr erreichbar! Skype und Client-Chat sind offline, Mails werden nicht beantwortet, Telefon ist nicht besetzt. Trading ist nicht möglich, es kommen nur noch requotes. Ich habe bereits die FSA, sowie...