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    Problem NoaFX failed to return EUR 275,000 funds

    I am a professional trader trading US equity and oil futures and options since 1989. In July 2015 I opened a trading account at NoaFX to complement my long time derivatives activity. On researching the broker NoaFX, reference to a funds segregation scheme administered by a New Zealand law firm...
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    Looks like I'm another victim of NoaFX

    This is my first post and I signed up specifically to see what my options are. I started trading with NoaFX in June and deposited $1,500. Got up to just under $2k and requested a withdrawal request on September 20th. The withdrawal request was approved two days later. The wire never came through...
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    NoaFX withdrawal problem

    Hi my name is Brendon and I think I'm being scammed by NoaFX in regards to my withdrawal which is close to $4000 its been almost 4 weeks now and the only response I get from them is either an auto response from their support giving me a ticket number and that is as far as it goes. They don't...