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    By Option XO's representative (Matt Gordon and their so called trainer John Buyer) I was persuaded to open an account; they made me invest $200 and start trading. being a naive, I believed and did exactly what I was asked to do, however as a result lost my money and what ever was left in the...
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    optionsxo.com unauthorized withdrawlsnon credit card

    Optionsxo.com keeps making withdrawls from my credit card without my permission. I keep asking them to returned it and they tell me it will be between 24 and 48 hours and never do it. Stay way from www.optionsxo.com they will steal all your money.
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    OPtionsXO: Deposit Only

    Just thought I'd give everybody a heads up. I'm convinced OptionsXO is a straight up crooked outfit. Here's the short story. -Invested $100, brought it to $2700 in about a week. -My available balance for withdrawal was only $1753. Nobody would tell me why. -After 2 weeks of futily trying to...
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    RESOLVED - OPTIONSXO.com is a BIG scam !!!

    This is my real story about a cheater company. check this out: