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Just thought I'd give everybody a heads up. I'm convinced OptionsXO is a straight up crooked outfit. Here's the short story.

-Invested $100, brought it to $2700 in about a week.
-My available balance for withdrawal was only $1753. Nobody would tell me why.
-After 2 weeks of futily trying to get someone on the phone/live chat, and being repeatedly hung up on, ignored, having chats ended abruptly, put on hold indefinitely, and not a single one of 7 emails responded to, I gave up and made the withdrawal request for $1753
-After being 'approved' I waited ten days, and today I received this email:

I have since been waiting on chat with no response (the usual). I waited over an hour on the phone, until someone finally answered, put me back on hold for 30 minutes, and then ended the call. I've been getting the usual runaround from the "brokers." Who are always in "meetings," or are "sick."

Anyway, this outfit has been really shady from the start. Talking to 'brokers' is like talking to street vendors selling stolen Rolexs. Here is just one of many skype chats I've had with the "Senior Broker." After speaking with this guy on the phone a couple times, and being hung up both times for not wanting to invest another $5k, I gave it one more shot on skype chat.

[4/8/14 4:54:56 PM] Scott: Mark, you are my account manager. Customer support tells me you are the only one who can answer my question. My total account value is $2,739. My cash balance is $2,169. Why is my balance for withdrawal only $1,753?
[4/8/14 5:01:59 PM] Mark Goldman: You made almost 3k from 100$??
[4/9/14 1:21:16 PM] Scott: We've been over this Mark. Please just answer my question.
[4/9/14 1:22:12 PM] Mark Goldman: what do u need?
[4/9/14 1:22:15 PM] Mark Goldman: withdraw?
[4/9/14 1:22:15 PM] Mark Goldman: ok
[4/9/14 1:22:24 PM] Mark Goldman: how muc u invested and how much bonus u got?
[4/9/14 1:22:54 PM] Scott Kehn: I invested $100 with no bonus. When you gave me the "refund" for those two trades, you gave it to me as a $570 bonus instead of a refund.
[4/9/14 1:23:29 PM] Mark Goldman: ok
[4/9/14 1:23:31 PM] Scott Kehn: My total account value is $2,739. My cash balance is $2,169. But for some reason my available amount for withdrawal is only $1,753.
[4/9/14 1:23:33 PM] Mark Goldman: so you are real good btw
[4/9/14 1:23:37 PM] Mark Goldman: first time I see it
[4/9/14 1:23:39 PM] Scott: Thank you
[4/9/14 1:23:39 PM] Mark Goldman: good luck
[4/9/14 1:23:50 PM] Mark Goldman: now
[4/9/14 1:23:57 PM] Mark Goldman: ibvest 5k and make 70k profits
[4/9/14 1:23:58 PM] Mark Goldman: ok?
[4/9/14 1:24:06 PM] Mark Goldman: put 5k I will give you 5k no bonus
[4/9/14 1:24:08 PM] Mark Goldman: real money
[4/9/14 1:24:11 PM] Mark Goldman: sounds fair enough
[4/9/14 1:24:12 PM] Mark Goldman: ?
[4/9/14 1:24:16 PM] Scott: no Mark no. Please just tell me how to withdraw the money that's already in my account
[4/9/14 1:24:33 PM] Scott: That's all I'm interested in at the moment.
[4/9/14 1:24:41 PM] Scott: You are the only one who can help me with that for some reason
[4/9/14 1:24:47 PM] Mark Goldman: put 5k now
[4/9/14 1:24:47 PM] Mark Goldman: and make 70k till end of may
[4/9/14 1:24:57 PM] Mark Goldman: I am giving you a promised path for winning
[4/9/14 1:25:27 PM] Scott: Why can I only withdraw $1,753?
[4/9/14 1:25:36 PM] Mark Goldman: you can
[4/9/14 1:25:39 PM] Mark Goldman: why not
[4/9/14 1:25:44 PM] Mark Goldman: but lets withdraw 35k
[4/9/14 1:25:48 PM] Mark Goldman: not small money
[4/9/14 1:25:52 PM] Mark Goldman: give me 2 weeks with you
[4/9/14 1:25:57 PM] Mark Goldman: put 5k ill match it
[4/9/14 1:25:58 PM] Scott: I can't. It says that maximum I can withdraw is $1,753
[4/9/14 1:26:04 PM] Mark Goldman: take 35k back in 1 month
[4/9/14 1:26:05 PM] Mark Goldman: ok?
[4/9/14 1:26:11 PM] Mark Goldman: ill fix it all
[4/9/14 1:26:14 PM] Mark Goldman: don't wory
[4/9/14 1:26:18 PM] Mark Goldman: add now 5k to the account
[4/9/14 1:26:26 PM] Mark Goldman: withdraw 35k next two weeks
[4/9/14 1:26:27 PM] Mark Goldman: deal?
[4/9/14 1:27:02 PM] Scott: no Mark. I want to withdraw what is in the account.
[4/9/14 1:27:16 PM] Scott: please
[4/9/14 1:27:17 PM] Mark Goldman: ok
[4/9/14 1:27:20 PM] Mark Goldman: out now 5k
[4/9/14 1:27:26 PM] Mark Goldman: and also take 2k out
[4/9/14 1:27:37 PM] Mark Goldman: 1 thing do not have connection to other
[4/9/14 1:27:44 PM] Mark Goldman: deposit and withdraw 2 diifrent things
[4/9/14 1:27:46 PM] Scott: exactly, so let's stop talking about the 5k
[4/9/14 1:27:51 PM] Mark Goldman: scott listen I wil process you 2k now
[4/9/14 1:27:54 PM] Mark Goldman: if you add 5k
[4/9/14 1:28:04 PM] Mark Goldman: and give you a guaentte we will make 35k in 3 weeks
[4/9/14 1:28:08 PM] Mark Goldman: so u can withdraw them as well
[4/9/14 1:28:13 PM] Mark Goldman: sounds like a good plan right?
[4/9/14 1:28:16 PM] Scott: For the last time, Mark, no.
[4/9/14 1:28:20 PM] Scott: I want to withdraw.
[4/9/14 1:28:23 PM] Scott: Not deposit.
[4/9/14 1:29:55 PM] Scott: If you aren't going to help me, please at least tell me who can.
[4/9/14 1:46:56 PM] Scott: just gonna ignore me then?
[4/9/14 2:05:43 PM] Mark Goldman: DEPSOIT 5K
[4/9/14 2:05:47 PM] Mark Goldman: ILL TAKE CARE OF YOU
[4/9/14 2:05:51 PM] Mark Goldman: I SPAEK ONLY TO GOLD MEMEBERS
[4/9/14 2:05:52 PM] Mark Goldman: SORY
[4/9/14 2:05:55 PM] Mark Goldman: 5K IN
[4/9/14 2:06:03 PM] Mark Goldman: I START TALK
[4/9/14 2:06:53 PM] Scott: Customer service tells me you are my account manager, Gold or not. Nobody else can help me.
[4/9/14 2:08:04 PM] Mark Goldman: I AM THE KING HERE
[4/9/14 2:08:14 PM] Mark Goldman: NOW YOU WANT 1700$ BACK
[4/9/14 2:08:16 PM] Mark Goldman: OR 35K BACK
[4/9/14 2:08:16 PM] Mark Goldman: ?
[4/9/14 2:10:09 PM] Scott: I don't want $1700, I want $2700. My "account value"
[4/9/14 2:10:43 PM] Mark Goldman: DEPOSIT 5K GET 35K IN 3 WEEKS
[4/9/14 2:10:48 PM] Mark Goldman: IF YOU CONTINUE ARGUE
[4/9/14 2:10:52 PM] Mark Goldman: ILL STOP TALKING
[4/9/14 2:11:00 PM] Mark Goldman: YOU GOT 100$ BACK
[4/9/14 2:11:00 PM] Mark Goldman: ?
[4/9/14 2:11:31 PM] Scott: I'm not arguing. I'm asking you to help me withdraw, and you won't. Who will?
[4/9/14 2:12:49 PM] Mark Goldman: I CAN SEND 35K IN 3 WEEKS
[4/9/14 2:12:51 PM] Mark Goldman: WANT IT
[4/9/14 2:12:51 PM] Mark Goldman: ?
[4/9/14 2:12:54 PM] Mark Goldman: THATS MY LINE
[4/9/14 2:14:50 PM] Scott: just tell me who can help me withdraw
[4/9/14 2:16:04 PM] Mark Goldman: I can
[4/9/14 2:16:14 PM] Mark Goldman: but I am not talking with clients of 100$
[4/9/14 2:16:19 PM] Mark Goldman: 5k and up
[4/9/14 2:16:22 PM] Mark Goldman: ok?
[4/9/14 2:16:26 PM] Mark Goldman: see you
[4/9/14 2:22:06 PM] Scott: then who will? somebody must deal with clients who do not deposit $5k. Who? Just tell me who, and I'l leave you alone
[4/9/14 2:33:26 PM] Mark Goldman: never saw 100$ client before
[4/9/14 2:33:31 PM] Mark Goldman: most start 3k to 10k
[4/9/14 2:33:31 PM] Mark Goldman: sory
[4/9/14 2:34:47 PM] Scott: Who can help me?
[4/9/14 2:36:07 PM] Mark Goldman: god
[4/9/14 2:36:09 PM] Mark Goldman: 5k
[4/9/14 2:36:13 PM] Mark Goldman: will help you
[4/9/14 2:36:22 PM] Scott: stop playing games with me
[4/9/14 2:36:31 PM] Mark Goldman: im honest
[4/9/14 2:36:35 PM] Mark Goldman: and I don't have time
[4/9/14 2:36:39 PM] Mark Goldman: i trade
[4/9/14 2:37:29 PM] Scott: I know that. So give me a name of someone who does
[4/9/14 2:37:51 PM] Mark Goldman: no one
[4/9/14 2:37:56 PM] Mark Goldman: apply your withdraw
[4/9/14 2:38:00 PM] Mark Goldman: and it will be proces
[4/9/14 2:38:04 PM] Mark Goldman: nott a hard task
[4/9/14 2:38:11 PM] Scott: I am unable to withdraw my full balance though
[4/9/14 2:38:13 PM] Scott: that's my question
[4/9/14 2:38:20 PM] Mark Goldman: i don't know
[4/9/14 2:38:43 PM] Scott: who does?
[4/9/14 2:40:07 PM] Mark Goldman: dont know
[4/9/14 2:40:13 PM] Mark Goldman: im a senior broker
[4/9/14 2:40:14 PM] Mark Goldman: want to trade
[4/9/14 2:40:16 PM] Mark Goldman: lets go
[4/9/14 2:40:22 PM] Mark Goldman: want to take it out
[4/9/14 2:40:25 PM] Scott: are there junior brokers then?
[4/9/14 2:40:26 PM] Mark Goldman: not me
[4/9/14 2:40:29 PM] Mark Goldman: im not the adress
[4/9/14 2:40:33 PM] Mark Goldman: no
[4/9/14 2:40:36 PM] Mark Goldman: nice one
[4/9/14 2:43:46 PM] Scott: If I am able to deposit that little, there must be somebody who will help me out with these issues, otherwise the minimum deposit for OPtionsXO would be 5K
[4/9/14 2:43:58 PM] Scott: please just point me in the right direction, because customer service points me to you
[4/9/14 2:44:41 PM] Mark Goldman: yes
[4/9/14 2:44:50 PM] Mark Goldman: but i dont know why u can take 1700 and not 2700
[4/9/14 2:44:52 PM] Mark Goldman: ok?
[4/9/14 2:44:58 PM] Mark Goldman: im busy now
[4/9/14 2:46:22 PM] Scott: I get that, but I'm not going to forfeit $1000 because you don't want to take time to help me
[4/9/14 2:46:36 PM] Scott: tell me the name of somebody who while help me, and I'll talk to them, so you can get back to trading
[4/10/14 11:58:18 AM] Mark Goldman: USD/CAD 3k up next expiry
[4/10/14 12:00:09 PM] Mark Goldman: CHF/JPY up 2k next expiry

If you manage to get a broker to speak with you, that's about how the conversation will go.

Aside from that, customer service is truly non existent, not on the phone, and not via live chat. Go ahead and try. I've had live chat open for about 2 hours every morning for the last two weeks. Have gotten a rep 1 time, and they ended the chat prematurely. As I write this, I've had it open for about 45 minutes, and still no response. Here's a screen shot. Note the time on the chat, and the time on my computer.

Withdrawals are impossible. And the real tip off to me that these guys are up to no good is that every single person I speak with has a thick middle eastern accent, and yet they all have names like "Mark Goldman" "Philip Smith" "Scott Martin" "Adam Wilson".

Stay away from these guys.


You will be paid my friend or I am going to ___ their ___ up! I will have them removed from binaryoptions net if they do not process your withdrawal and apologize for their unprofessional behavior on part of Mark Goldman who I will request a personal apology to you. If they do not comply they are GONE! I will unleash the hounds of binary hell on them to HURT their business from every end I can invent... *WARNING TO OPTIONSXO*

Master Yoda

Let's do this: how about we will assume all binary companies are fraud and people should open a thread only if they somehow manage to withdraw or so :)


*Here is an update from OptionsXO.com - Many of these companies do have real people behind them and are not all villains, I would remind you of this. They like in forex can make a living off the majority of people who simply don't know what the ____ they are doing and really have no business trading at all. As long as a company takes care of their customers and treats them fairly you can ask for no more. I would like to see more of that myself as Binary Options are the future of trading as you can tell by their popularity and more good firms are moving into this space as you will see in the future. If you get firms like BDB or others that don't wish to play fair well fine lets help remove their market share and kick to the curb/gutter where they belong... Below is an update from OptionsXO.com ---

Dear Scott,

My name is Richard Anderson and I am a senior customer support officer at OptionsXO.

I have read your comments and would like to first apologize for the service you received from your account manager (This is why he is a broker and note a support representative…).

I want to emphasis that at OptionsXO we cherish our customers and do all that is possible to make sure each and every customer receives the most professional service possible.

Obviously this did not happen in your case and I deeply apologize about this. Please rest assured that this issue is being taken care of internally and those who need to bear the consequences, will.

Now to your issue, I have investigated your case and found that you were asked to send your banking details in order to receive your withdrawal.
As per today we did not receive these details from you. Please note that the credit card company does not allow us to refund the money to your card. In regards to your account balance, our system shows you have a balance of $1,753.98 and that you currently have a $1,700.00 withdrawal pending. This withdrawal will be sent once you provide your banking details.

Out of respect to you as our customer, I will not provide your entire trading history here on the forum, unless you give me your approval to do so…
Scott, Once again I apologize for any inconvenience that may have occurred and assure you this will not happen again.

Please feel free to send your details to support@optionsxo.com and address it to Adam, he will take care of this issue for you.
I hope that, this issue aside, you enjoyed trading with us and received a great return on your investment.

All the Best.

Richard Anderson

Senior Customer Support Officer


Private, 1st Class
Hey folks, just wanted to post a follow up to this, in case anybody would like to know how it panned out. It is much overdue, so apologies.

Almost immediately after making the post, I was contacted by Richard Anderson (above) via email. Over the next two days, I received more replies from him than I had in the two months I had been at with the XO. After 2 days of sorting out some details with the banking info, my withdrawal was finally processed, and a few days later I did finally receive the funds. Guess the forum posts were kind of a big deal.

According to Richard, the account manager with whom I was dealing with (Mark Goldman) was fired. Don't know if that's the truth or not, but that's what they have told me.

I was also contacted by their customer relations department offering me some bonus funds in exchange for either deleting or appending my posts to include the resolution. I turned down the offer, because I'm not a big fan of bonuses, on account of the volume requirements and what not. But I figured it's only fair that I still post the resolution to this mess.

Anyway, since then I have continued trading with them, just because I had some funds still left. Haven't had anymore issues since that big mess. Have made a couple withdrawals without incident, and trading is going relatively well.



I love how so many brokers think that giving a bonus with piles of strings attached is supposed to be the same as giving someone cash that's legitimately owed.

Would you consider your issue sufficiently dealt with to mark this as resolved?


According to Richard, the account manager with whom I was dealing with (Mark Goldman) was fired. Don't know if that's the truth or not, but that's what they have told me.
At least what you did were effective. I think this topic should be marked resolved.