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Problem Yunshangfx Scam 骗局 (www.yunshangfx.com)

I am having an issue with a company

The Punisher

Scammers contact victims on dating websites (Tinder, Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, FB Dating, 2RedBeans, etc.) and pretend to be interested in a relationship. They will spend weeks greeting you every day acting like your new best friend but suddenly one day they talk about investments. Scammers also contact victims on WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Telegram, Linked In, IG, Twitter, etc. and pretend to contact you by accident but then ask to be your friend and start communicating with you every day. After a while, they talk about their investment in crypto or forex and state they have someone who guides them (usually an Uncle).

Scammers use VOIP numbers with country or area codes for the Country a victim lives in to try and make it look as if they are also a Citizen or Resident of your Country. They always have an excuse for why they cannot meet in person or for why they won’t have a video call with you. Some scammers have demo accounts they ask victims to open and practice with them as well as fake screen shots they send to trick you into thinking they are making a lot of money (MetaTrader is easily manipulated for screen shots, trades, account balances, etc). All of this is part of a script and the scam is called Pig Butchering. Most of the scammers work in scam compounds in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar. This specific scam, and like most, are being ran by Chinese criminals in Cambodia.

The websites below are all Scams and you should NOT do any business with this company. This is a WARNING to never give anyone associated with any of these websites your money or it will be gone forever. All these websites share the same IP:

Created on 2023-05-01
https://www.yunshangfx.com/en/about Falsely claims FCA ID:146311
Created on 2023-05-01
https://www.yunshangmarket.com/en/about falsely claims FCA ID:146311

Created on 2023-04-30

All the websites below are ran by the same Chinese scam group in Cambodia.

1. amtophub.com
2. amtoplead.com
Both 1 and 2 claim to be Amtop Markets Ltd under CySEC #312/16.
Per https://www.cysec.gov.cy/en-GB/entities/investment-firms/cypriot/38531/ that number belongs to Royal Financial Trading and only applies to oneroyal.eu.

3. augssgroup.com
4. bccmarketshq.com
5. ccfgroupan.com
6. ccfgrovpam.com
7. ccfprofx.com
8. ctrlinvestmentscn.com
9. deusfinancial.com
10. foxiv.org
Footer says NFA ID: 0555556 FOXIV GLOBAL LIMITED
Not an NFA Member Non-Member not subject to NFA oversight.


https://www.foxiv.org/en/choose tet says NFA ID: 146789
No results found in NFA Basic

11. fx-yshx.com
12. gmigld.com
13. gmigldfx.com
14. gmimarikets.ltd
15. gmimarikets.net
16. gmimarketsco.net
17. gmimk-fx.com
18. gmimkfex.com
19. gmimkfx.com
20. gomarkprofx.vip
21. gulaltd.com
22. gulatd.com
23. gyg-itt.com
24. gygitt.com
25. hangsengfx.com
26. iggloballtd.com
27. meifu-financial.com
28. starfundsfx.com
29. thinkmarketfx.com
30. wealthfgroup.com
31. wealthfhub.com
32. wealthfxgroup.com
33. wob-markets.com
34. wob-marketspc.com
35. wobmarketsfx.com
36. wobmarketsltd.com
37. zhyccy.com










Given many of these are MT5 scans, where is Meta Quotes to help address any issues?