oren laurent

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    Problem Banc de Binary scammed me out of my life savings

    Early on Monday morning, January 6/14, the phone rang. It was a woman who identified herself as Sharon Bloom. Sharon said “I understand you may be looking for a business opportunity”. “I said, no, I was not looking for any opportunity but someone did called me last Friday. I asked Sharon what...
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    CFTC adds to its complaint against Banc de Binary

    CFTC adds to its complaint against Banc de Binary The CFTC has added into its previous complaint against Banc de Binary. It also has specifically named Oren Laurent as the person behind all the companies. From the CFTC's website... May 7, 2014 CFTC Amends Complaint against Banc de Binary...
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    Federal Court rules on CFTC and SEC charges against Banc de Binary

    In 2013, the CFTC filed charges against Banc de Binary. In 2014. additional charges were filed, including charges directed at Oren Shabat Laurent, the CEO of the companies. The SEC filed charges in parallel with the CFTC. The wheels of justice turn slowly, but they do turn. In January, 2016...
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    Banc de Binary Criminal Activity

    I looked in the internet for a reliable forex firm but unfortunately fell into wrong hands. Some Peter Griffin from Banc de Binary called me and convinced me to invest with them since July 17. After spending nearly 4 months concentrated on growing my account, they repeatedly refused last week to...