pacific option

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    Site no longer exist or moved

    Guys does pacific option still exist or any information about its been a month now try with different pc's trying to log in information can't no respond from support or people who signed me in please Please reply to my email
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    Resolved - Potential Scam from Pacific Option

    Hello everyone, Back in late January I was cold called by a company called Pacific Option - it sounded like I was being called by someone working in a busy call center (think boiler room). He offered his managed account binary services and to just try them out, I said no. A couple days later...
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    Pacific Option

    Hello has anyone heard of Pacific Option? I deposited $5000 now when I want to withdraw the transaction is pending. I call their support to withdraw my money they instruct me that I need to write an email saying I want to withdraw. I then call them and ask for an update and they won't pick up...