pellucid fx

  1. O

    Pellucid fx SCAM

    Hello Traders, We have another scam here,early last year i traded with this company cause they claimed they had a no slippage account,I left when i discovered it was false,this year i saw their advertisement again about the no slippage account.then i chatted with their live help to know...
  2. E

    Pellucidfx broker

    Lost 90% of my account with these scam artist within 10 days --- I've learned my lesson --stay away
  3. F

    What happened with PellucidFX ???

    Since today I can't reach PellucidFX anymore. I can't log into my account, the website is down. Does anyone know what's wrong here?
  4. C

    PellucidFX: scamming

    I heard from a very reliable inside source that is having "technical difficulties" and to try and get my money out as soon as I can. Well, I must be a little to late. I have tried multiple times to get money from several of my pellucid accounts and its like trying to get a quarter...
  5. B

    GUILTY Case# 2014-095 | BlyPIPs vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I started trading with PellucidFX in January this year. I traded successfully using my news trading strategy, and even referred a couple of customers into the company. Damon Hunt, the...
  6. B

    PellucidFX Scam

    I realise there are already two threads for this - I'm starting it in order to file my case properly. PellucidFX are withholding profits made using their STP Market Execution service for the reason that the owner setup their servers to take the other side of trades where the requested price...
  7. M

    Pellucid FX - refusal to pay profit or disclose exact details of alleged breach of terms

    I opened an account in December 2013 and traded successfully on it for several months. In March 2014 I tried to make a withdrawal. The response to this was slow and initially only partially filled. "Sorry for the long delay on this withdrawal, we are currently in the process of changing banks...
  8. A

    Scam alert: PellucidFX - Removed profit after 13 months

    Hello! Information in FPA: I opened account with them at 31.01.2013, after that I spoke with director Damon Hunt. I'm News spike trader, wanted to know, does my strategy is not...
  9. F SCAM they not pay profits

    Hi People. Another broker who is not paying profits! They wrote me that I have violated Terms but I have traded on their offered prices and never violated anything!
  10. F

    PellucdFX defrauded profits and deposits

    Hi I have been a client user of since January. I've been really impressed with the service (even referred a couple of others in). I use an auto-click to trigger trades and it was doing really well. In the last week of April I logged in to MT4 to find my account disabled. I...
  11. Damon

    Pellucid FX - Offshore Forex Brokerage - Opens Doors

    Hello, My name is Damon hunt, I am a Forex trader and until recently I managed accounts. Now I am founder and director of Pellucid FX. Please refer to a discussion I started on FPA in June 2011 "Can we build a better brokerage" for a more in-depth history of Pellucid FX I founded Pellucid...
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