1. zygisxxl

    RESOLVED - Big Profit Forex Signals SCAM!

    Dear Forex Peace Army and Everyone else, I have very big and unacceptable problem with Profit Forex Signals ( Profit Forex Signals ? Best Forex Trading Signals & Indicators Services ), they are fooling me around, wasting my time and they have blown my account of $5170 in 18 days with...
  2. Pharaoh

    Problem ProfitFxSignal false advertising

    I brought this up in other threads, but never got a satisfactory answer. Profit Fx Signal claims to have won a lot of awards on their website. Only the "most transparent forex signals service award" has a link. On December 5th, I asked ProfitFxSignal to provide links to show where they...
  3. O are scams

    after you sent them that mail,they now send 100 dollars back to my L..R and promised to send the 400 dollars later but till now they have not send it
  4. S

    Resolved - Scam alert

    In 2011, I opened an account with PROFIT FX SIGNAL. At first i signed up for their basic service, after 2 months of receiving signals, i decided to sign up for the professional package which would allow trading more pairs (specially yen crosses), this services promised 1000 pips/month. I paid...
  5. O

    Resolved - are scams

    hello dear friends,be aware that are scams.i actually funded my account with insta forex[about 1kusd]i payed for the auto package of 500 dollars to enable them trade my account but they did not.they actually started sending me signals to my mails and phone number for abt 2...
  6. P

    Profit Forex Signal live trades

    Hello, From today we will post here our live trades like we do on our tweeter and facebook account. How it look like please check at and Profit Forex Signal - Scottsdale, AZ - Consulting/Business Services | Facebook Profit Forex Signal Team Thank You
  7. D

    Hello I made review for this service, and I noticed that I'm not the only scammed from them. I don't know if I can post some proofs here. but I've a lot of them , I've emails , skype conversation, and also many emails. they are scam service first check here Forex Signals - Best Forex...
  8. S

    Worldfxsignal scam

    This is a warning post if somebody want to get the worldfxsignal services. I paid to try the signal services that for them is advisory not other thing. Before to start the service they sent me an email let me know how the results are calculated. Reading it nothing matched for me and decided to...
  9. A

    Discuss (was

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