1. Vikram Adithya

    Ridge Capital Markets - SCAM ALERT

    I received a call from Richard Boulivier of Ridge Capital Markets asking me to open a trading account with them. He said he'll be trading on my behalf and show great profits. I funded the account $500 and he showed screenshots of account going above $1000. He convinced me into funding another...
  2. S

    GUILTY Case# 2016-186 | sdiqbal80 vs rdgcm.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: www.rdgcm.com/ My Case is: I was of the opinion that they are not listening to me only but When i entered into this forum i am 110% sure that this company is a big scam. Please beware of these guys. They are cheating...
  3. S

    Loss my money with RIDGE Capital and use of my Credit Card info. for attempted FRAUD/online purchase

    Hi Everyone, I am having pretty much similar story of getting a call from Mr. Curtis of RIDGE Capital to start trading with them. He put me into this **** market with a confirmation and surety that you will open trade for me and handled my account and get me profit (as you know what exactly...
  4. V

    RDGCM - Ridge Capital Issues

    Have issues in Withdrawal requests from Ridge Capital. Anyone face problems before. They indicate the withdrawals will be processed but it doesn't happen. Would like to bring to the attention of all here stay away. I've raised a chargeback rights on all my cards through which transaction was done.
  5. T

    Ridge Capital Markets are a big SCAM

    Anyone have an account at Ridge Capital Markets, and if so have you made any with drawls yet ?? I got invloved with this Joseph Davis guy that works for RDGCM, who runs a managed account. He has made money on my account, but now I cant with draw any funds it seems. I originally deposited $5k in...
  6. M


    I OPENED AN ACCOUNT WITH RDG CAPITAL MARKET AT 25/5/2016 after many and repeated call from their side my account number is 2088232838 and i deposited 500 dollars at the time of deposition their employee NEDAL try to take information from me about my account and the secret number and after that...
  7. H

    https://www.rdgcm.com Scam?

    I invested an initial amount (1000$) with Ridge capital by the site https://www.rdgcm.com/ then they asked me to increase the fund and i did, now my balance is 5193$ after 45 days then i asked for 400$ from my profits then they disappeared and there is no one to reply my mails or calls.
  8. K

    GUILTY Case# 2016-126 | katmall689 vs rdgcm.com

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: rdgcm.com My Case is: I applied for withdrawal of USD 17,079 on 3 May 2016. I only received USD 9,999 on 19 May 2016. No reasons were given for the reduction in the withdrawal amount and this amount received was not...
  9. K

    RDGCM Scam

    On 3 May I requested for a withdrawal of USD 17,079 but I did not get a response until 19 May. In between I had sent several emails daily and made calls daily to no effect. On 19 May they sent official confirmation through Netpay International( New York ) for a withdrawal of USD 9,999 without...
  10. farhanm

    Ridge Capital - rdgcm.com scam

    Hello I fell victim to the company Ridge Kaptl Markets He was contacted after Agraa profits and trading with them was another form of deposit of $ 1000, and after I saw profits boosted my $ 3000 that boosted the total of $ 230,000 and claimed And all the things you walk just fine until he became...
  11. A

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  12. J

    Ridge Capital (www.rdgcm.com) scam.

    I lose a lot of money in forex scam, Then Ridge capital's Sam / Mr.Simon start to call me to trade with them. He said they are totally different and will show me how to recover my lost fund. Once I invested an initial amount they pressure me hard to increase the fund that I did not. I put a...