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    Safe-Option placed trades without my consent

    hi. i opened an account with COPY BUFFET and they gave me Last April 7, 2016 someone from PLACED TRADES WITHOUT my consent! I closed the COPY BUFFET TAB last April 1 on my browser bc I was waiting for my withdrawal request to be approved. but when i opened my...
  2. A 2nd Reported Scam / Fraud Million

    If I have falsely accused, then I will give you a firm sincere apology and fix my case. But if not, then let me be one to call out as a complete scam/fraud that continues to bring shame to the human race. I've stuck with for over a year now. My...
  3. S

    Safe-Option - Not honouring deposit withdrawal request

    Hi I have been trying to get my deposit back from safe-option after signing up via Social Tech Trader. I didn't feel comfortable trading with them after receiving a phone call within seconds of signing up! I don't appreciate the hard sell, sales tactics or the manner which they spoke to me when...