1. shanmugapradeep

    Understanding spread

    Hello, In a zero spread account, brokers charge a commission. For example, in one broker I use, for 1 standard lot, they charge $7 as commission for EURUSD. If I place a Buy/Sell trade with $1 lot on EURUSD, for a profit of 3 pips, it will be $30 - $7 = $23, and for a loss of 3 pips, it will...
  2. shanmugapradeep

    Indicator which show Pips values and current spread

    Hello, Anyone can share the indicator which shows Pips Values based on Lot size (For example, EURUSD 1pips x 0.01 Lot = ?$) - Similarly for all other pairs like GBPUSD, EURGBP, USDJPY, etc Real time spread
  3. YTMikeGames

    Searching Need high leverage, low spread preferably ctrader broker

    Hi, Im looking for a high leverage, low spread forex broker thats preferably on ctrader. It can be mt4 doesnt matter. Im located in the uk but willing to use ones like icmarkets for the high leverage. Also dont reccomend me icmarkets if i was using them i wouldnt be here and its none of your...
  4. shanmugapradeep

    Info Which is best forex broker with low spread

    Hi, 1. Can anyone suggest me best A book broker with Low spread 2. Can anyone suggest me truly zero spread broker with low commission charge Note : Suggest only regulated broker. please do not suggest non-regulated broker. A Book :- STP, Non dealing desk, Non market maker, ECN
  5. P

    Lovely spread of 2100 pps at Fxopen.com

    Hedging positions of GBP/JPY closed at 132.540 for buy orders and 134.780 for sell orders. Now that is a truely "floatting" spread to enjoy. It really floated away with my cash.
  6. emprakashkumar

    Exness increase Spread too High With 2 Pair Mean EURUSD & GBPUSD and My Account Hit Stopout

    Dear Sir/Mam, I Have Raw Spread account With Exness Account No 44004082. Last Night Mean 15th of June 2020 I Was 13 Open Trade. EURUSD:- Tottal Open Order: 6 Open Order (5 Sell & 1 Buy Order) Lot Size: Sell Order Lot Size : 1.00+1.00+1.00+1.00+0.51 = 4.51 Buy...
  7. Peter Davis

    FXDD is lowering its spreads on ECN

    FXDD just partnered with new liquidity providers which will allow us to provide even more competitive spreads resulting in a number of major currency pairs showing spreads as low as 0.0 and EURUSD daily averaging about 0.2. I am the Brand Ambassador for FXDD. Going forward we plan on monitoring...
  8. F

    FOREX truth

    First of all, a few notes: 1) This is NOT a recommendation to do anything 2) This is NOT an advertisement, I am NOT an IB, I am a TRADER 3) I learned a lot from FOREX forums so I feel a responsibility to give something back 4) This is just a warning based on my very own experience that I...