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    GUILTY Case# 2018-099 | Ashmass vs

    Original FPA Traders Court Submission: I am submitting the case against: My Case is: I have invested $11,956 in tradepulsefx beginning 03/13/2018. My balance is currently $14,082. I made a withdraw request on 05/17/2018. I have sent numerous emails, called from overseas, and...
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    Raider Sharma and trade pulse fx are a total scam. Do not send them any money, you will lose it. I sent in over $10,000 USD and now there is no support, no communication, and my money is gone to this piece of shut thief Ravuder Sharma. And there are many many other people in the same position as...
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    tradepulsefx is a scam (and blackmailed this trader into lying)

    Recently I got register to a “Tradepulsefx” broker through a guy named “Ankit Kumar Goyal”. I deposited $ 2526.11” on 11 Jan 2018 through Neteller. Initially he made a profit in one trade for $ 197. Later suddenly he said all trades have gone into loss. Neither is he sharing the master password...