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Original FPA Traders Court Submission:

I am submitting the case against:

My Case is: I have invested $11,956 in tradepulsefx beginning 03/13/2018. My balance is currently $14,082.
I made a withdraw request on 05/17/2018. I have sent numerous emails, called from overseas, and attempted to contact them through live chat.
I have received no communication from tradepulsefx, they have not responded to numerous emails or requests on live chat. My money is lost as they will not approve withdrawal.
I learned through another member that the man responsible for this theft is Ravinder Sharma.

I have also learned that there are many people who have lost money to tradepulsefx.
I traded MAM with an online group, each member has responded to me that no one has received their funds, and no withdrawal requests have processed since 05/15/2018.

New thread in the Scam Alerts Folder:

Review is submitted by ashmass on 06/05/18

The company was first contacted about the issue on 05/17/18 the last contact was on 06/11/18

Details: There have been no replies to any of my numerous inquiries

Company representatives' emails: support support <>



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How did you make your deposits to TradePulseFx? Bank wire, credit card, or something else?
When they work, chargebacks are the easiest way to get money back. With a crypto deposit, there's no such thing as a chargeback. :(

I've just emailed the formal FPA invitation to TradePulseFx. Please post an update on Tuesday, June 19 to let me know if there has been any progress or not.
I have not received any contact from tradepulsefx as of today, the 19th.
I also cannot log onto the website.
This is now going to Open Cases. Unless there is significant progress, the vote will take place next week.
If only we could get the message out there to try and stop more victims of these Binary Options money grabs.
People trying to make a positive difference financially only to lose most or all of their money.I have tried a few of these companies and
fortunately did not lose too much but I know first hand how difficult withdrawal of your own money is when dealing with these companies.
I would imagine a company would have to be weary of possible wrongful deposits back to the customers account that being a payment to another
account.Money laundering practices has to be a factor for them too,but I feel I am being too kind to give them benefit of the doubt here.Where I feel from my own
experiences these companies play games when it comes time for you to make a withdrawal request.
Insistence of ongoing deposits so a so called Expert trader/Account manager can help you trade with larger profit gains might make sense at the time when their
pushy sales pitch still has you onside with them but with hindsight this is a big warning.From what I have seen in the past 12 months the Binary Options industry is
not flourishing as it was a few years ago,with some of these companies forced to close by governing bodies.Just be weary of these sharks moving into other sly practices.
The website is gone and the domain name is for sale. The crooks have escaped.
Guilty as charged.
Yes GUILTY! Sadly for you your money is gone and these thieves have run away. They will reappear soon (if not already) with another scam website - probably trading cryptocurrencies as this is the latest and easiest way for them to steal wealth from others.