1. ezamora

    TradeviewForex Claims to be something they are not. They are not ECN and I have proof

    First everything was ok. One week I was having problems with a wtihdrawal, they were taking a lot of time to send my money. Only after I told them I was going to deposit more money, they send me my withdrawal. (my mistake) After that, I kept making money for 3 weeks and one day, they closed 10...
  2. Z

    Resolved: TradeView broker did not payment my withdrawal

    你好, 我已于16/03 要求通过Skrill 从我的帐号8657提取$ 4607,这笔钱也要在同一天从我的帐户中扣除。 但是我至今仍未收到Skrill帐户中的资金(02/04),我已经尝试过多次与他们在线支持联系,但总是得到的答复是“今天将被处理”或“今天将被支付”。但是一天又一天过去了,我仍然没有得到我的钱。 我希望FPA可以帮助我检查和付款。请不要再让我失望了。非常感谢你 !
  3. forexengines

    RESOLVED - cheated two US$10k accounts under fraudulent circumstances.

    We are requesting to take immediate, honest measures to pay compensations to our clients who own below described two US$10k accounts, destroyed by systems under the fraudulent reason that the accounts hit Margin Call / Stop Out levels. Case #1: Account...
  4. Porphyromona

    Resolved: Tradeviewforex Alert SCAM!! dont pay comissions to IB's

    I'm an IB in tradeviewforex, I made comissions day by day and they didnt pay me "because i use hedging in my trading system" I cant make withdrawals because they told me that im using hedge, Jesus Gomez who works in tradeview as a sales in latinamerica with Salvador Palma "chava" they told me...
  5. B

    Resolved - Tradeview Forex not giving withdrawals of my clients

    I am having an Omnibus partnership with Tradeview forex. My master account number is 316617. I put a withdrawal request on 13/04/2017 of my clients funds. Total amount is 4379.47 USD. Since it has been almost 10 days, they are not processing the withdrawal request. When i ask them for funds of...
  6. C

    I had an IB with Tradevie Ltd. I had US$ 4477 in my IB account, but when I procceded to withdrawal this money, they don't give me my money, they close my IB and tell me that the limit of commisions for an IB was exceeded. I understand this but when they tell me about this limit the account had...
  7. A


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