1. J

    Hello from Austin, TX - New to Forex

    Hello everyone!. So to start....while my education and work background is finance and accounting related, I have zero experience trading Forex. I have been going through the classes at,and I plan to open a demo account and get my feet wet for at least several months before even...
  2. chreed

    Training opp: Using remote viewing to make FOREX predictions (L.A. area, Aug 22-24)

    Options and FOREX Remote Viewing workshop: Wagering for the Long Term August 22-24 at Los Angeles Airport Hilton $495 Registration Fee for full 3 days, including newbie/refresher training $395 Registration Fee for 2 1/2 days Applied Precognition Project workshop to teach newbies and...
  3. Romas

    Exclusive discount for FPA members from

    Dear fellow FPA members, Here is what we have prepared for you today: Exceptional training programs created by real trader and funds manager Chris Capre from Here is what the good people from say: Chris Capre is the Founder of 2ndSkiesForex and the Fund...