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Dear fellow FPA members,

Here is what we have prepared for you today:

Exceptional training programs created by real trader and funds manager Chris Capre from 2ndSkiesForex.com

Here is what the good people from 2ndSkiesForex.com say:

Chris Capre is the Founder of 2ndSkiesForex and the Fund Manager for KronosFx. Chris has a wide array of experience working for a top broker on Wall Street (FXCM), trading for a hedge fund (JNF Hedge Fund), and running 2ndSkiesForex – an educational site dedicated to helping traders turn the corner and become profitable traders.

It is this diverse experience, training and unique perspective that sets Chris apart from others. Chris is working on publishing a book on Trading Price Action set to be released in early 2013. For more information about Chris Capre and 2ndSkiesForex.com, visit his website by clicking on this link.

If you want to learn rule based strategies to trade price action, ichimoku or momentum/trending based systems, then you will want to take one of these online courses. Week in and week out, traders are turning the corner to trading profitably, regardless of their experience.

2ndSkiesForex has prepared 3 courses for you:

1) The Advanced Price Action Course – Where Chris Capre teaches rule based price action strategies, designed to help you trade trends, pullbacks, reversals, tops & bottoms, breakouts, find the most important support & resistance levels, and what the market is communicating from an order flow perspective. All systems are completely rule based from the 3m, 5m, 15m, 30m, 1hr, 4hr and daily charts so quite a range of systems and time frames.

2) The Advanced Ichimoku Course – Where Chris Capre teaches unique high probability ichimoku strategies to trade intraday breakouts, trends, reversals and momentum plays. Learn to go beyond the vanilla ichimoku strategies and how to read all elements of the ichimoku chart to find the best opportunities in the market. In addition, learn how to trade using ichimoku time, wave and price theories which are not taught publicly.

3) The ProForex Course – If you are comfortable with indicators and want to learn to trade intraday momentum/trending type plays, then the ProForex course is for you. Learn rule based strategies to find key swings, reversals, trending and momentum plays which offer large profits on runners while keeping risk and downside limited.

Excited? There is more:
With each course you will get Lifetime Membership, over 6+hrs of Video Tutorials, access to the Traders Forum, a Free individual Follow-Up Session with Chris Capre, free additions, updates, full email support and much more…

The Advanced Price Action Course <strike>399 USD</strike> FPA members special price 279 USD

The Advanced Ichimoku Course <strike>399 USD</strike> FPA members special price 279 USD

The ProForex Course <strike>399 USD</strike> FPA members special price 279 USD

Want to take advantage of all three courses? Here is even better offer <strike>1197 USD</strike> FPA members special price 798 USD

Note: this is an exceptional offer for FPA members only. Such discount was never made and hardly will ever be. Offer is valid until August 28[SUP]th[/SUP] midnight EDT.

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Need more info? Click on and read more:

The Advanced Price Action Course

The Advanced Ichimoku Course

The ProForex Course

Look what other traders say at the FPA about these courses.

Check out videos where Chris Capre explains more deeply his trading methods that are thought in courses

Have questions? Feel free to leave a comment and Chris Capre will personally answer any questions you might have, or email him directly.

Note: Chris Capre is a trader and teacher not a marketer. He is taking each and every order personally. Please allow up to 12 hours to get an access to courses material. Up to 24 hours may be needed for orders made during weekend.

Chris Capre is absolutely confident in his training efficiency therefore there is no refund policy available. Check 2ndSkiesForex.com page before you buy course, watch videos where Chris Capre explains his trading methods in more detail. Read comments left by other traders. Watch Chris Capre’s weekly videos, Checkout daily signals and you will get an insight of what courses are about. Also see the review page for 2ndSkiesForex at the FPA.

Your freebies and discounts manager
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Hello Roma, when are you going to have this offer back up again i'm sorry i missed this is it would have brought my trading to a whole new level Kind Regards Ismael
Hello Roma, when are you going to have this offer back up again i'm sorry i missed this is it would have brought my trading to a whole new level Kind Regards Ismael

Hello Ismael

I am sorry you missed this offer. Unfortunately we do not have plans to repeat it. It was pretty hard for me to convince Chris Capre from 2ndSkiesForex.com to give this great discount for FPA members and he agreed to do it for a limited time only. You might try contact him directly Info@2ndSkies.com and maybe he will be able to make some proposal for you. Please note this is out of my control and totally depends on Chris Capre - I cannot make him do so - but why not to give it a try :)

P.S. I suggest you add romas@forexpeacearmy.com email to safe sender list on your mailbox so you do not miss other offers I am hunting for you. I think you might be interested in next one - I will announce it tomorrow

Good luck!
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