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    Udaytrading.com And L.C. Is A Scam

    Hello My name is Nellie Hill and I a small time trader. I am trying to save all of you from a scammer : Udaytrading.com.* Forex Automated Trading EA. This guy who calls himself L.C. sells you what he calls a “SuperScalper EA” with a promise to help you to make money. The “superscalper” is a...
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    www.udaytrading.com scam

    Hello I’m in this forum to prevent all of you against a scammer : Udaytrading.com.  Forex Automated Trading EA. This guy that identifies him self just as L.C. offers a “superscalper” and promise, like every good scammer, to help you to make money, and, of course , that never happens. The so...
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    L.C. of UDayTrading.com has refused to answer any of my emails since I asked for a refund. He promised a minimum of 300 pips in the first 30 days, yet I only saw losing trade after losing trade. I wouldn't mind the losing trades so much but the fact that he simply refuses to respond to the last...