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I’m in this forum to prevent all of you against a scammer : Udaytrading.com.  Forex Automated Trading EA.
This guy that identifies him self just as L.C. offers a “superscalper” and promise, like every good scammer, to help you to make money, and, of course , that never happens.
The so called “superscalper” is a combination of two EA.
One of them, the “master’, you need to install in your computer within a metatrade 4 he tells you and you need lo login with his name and password.
The other is the “slave” and you use it in your personal account
It’s supposed that this guy places trades in the “master’ account and are copied in the “slave” account where, maybe, you have a live account.
Well, after paying the EA, and 10 weeks later, trying to have the all thing working, tens of emails asking the guy to implement the system, but never receiving any results, but frustrations, I decided 4 weeks ago to ask for a refund of my money.
At today I have receive an email saying “yes, I’m going to refund your money”, but again, nothing has happened so far.
Has been 3 months of frustration, lost of money and the conviction that almost every thing you find in the internet about forex doesn’t worth the time to read about, because 99% is scam.
Be careful with Udaytrading.com.  Forex Automated Trading EA. don’t fall with this scam.

Same thing here. I signed up a few months ago. When I first set up the platforms, I saw immediately that the demo account for his "master" EA was already down tons of pips. OK, this was just starting out. Unfortunately, I watched my demo account go down on a daily basis as this super-duper method was gradually losing. Sometimes, it would win, but not usually. He then changed to a different broker, claiming the problem was with the present broker. OK, maybe a fresh start would solve this, but the new account quickly lost about 300 pips as well. Now, this account has been closed, and udaytrading hasn't responded to my emails about which account he's using (big deal anyway). Last week, he emailed out a survey to see if anybody was interested in paying around $200 a month for this EA service with a 400 pip guarantee every month. At this point, I don't see it happening. He sends regular videos explaining how he traded during the day, but fails to mention that the trade was a loser, or that his method is losing. Fortunately I only paid $55 for one year of this service. Maybe these "master" and "slave" EA's can be used for something else later. Who knows? Maybe I'll try for my money back too. Just like somebody said "The forex market is like a gold mine, but the only ones making money are the ones selling the picks and shovels."
I use LC's super scalper and his chat room.
Its really good material and I dont have any trouble with the service.
Just like any trading system, it has its ups and downs but over time,
he shows a profit and he is obviously a good trader, I like his style.
Just becasue someone cant make the program work doesn't mean its a scam,
some people just arent tech savy and maybe they shouldn't be trading.
I can tell you LC and udaytrading.com is not a scam, I have been trading with him for over a year.

Don: what Stovedude posts is different than what Winour post about not getting the EA to work. In fact in my two months I have to agree with Stovedude that LCs claims of 400 a month positive pips is not true. He also has totally abandoned his trade chat room. I have lost money live trading with LC and his promise of making back big losses has not happenes. I find it disturbing that some here have found this to be true for many more months than me being a member. It looks on the surface that LC keeps changing what he offers and does so to bring in more cash. If he is so successful and makes as he claims between 5000 and 11,000 pips a year why is he pumping for quick bucks through his website. LC owes each of us an answer and he needs to either make the pips he promises or refund everyone and admit he is delusional about his claims. I thought as many must have too, finally a real system through LC where a master trader over sees the trades. so far its not so. How long have you been with LC and how many pips a month did you make. LC, should have a full name, phone number, and address if he is more than an opportunist milking those looking to add income monthly.
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Udaytrading is now a signal service given over a live chat room and if your open a PGF best account LC will manage your trades. He is doing away with his master/slave EA.
I really think this LC is a bit nuts, he is constantly changing what he offers and what it costs. Seem to run on emotional energy which can't be great for trading.
LC is not a Scam, but he does show up pretty flaky!
UDayTrading continues to scam

I have really been hoping that peace forex will do a thorough investigation of LC and his udaytrading set up.

First, he offered one year of automatic trading vis his Super Scalper. He promised you could use your own broker and that he averaged at least 300 pips/month.

During the time I ran his Super Scalper on a demo account, it lost many m re pips than it gained.

Then, he discontinued the Super Scalper unless you sign up with his broker. Therefore, he is no longer even delivering the service I signed up for, as I am not in a position to sign up with his broker. He offers to "send you his signals" during his trading hours, wich are not the same as my trading hours.

He has steadfastly refused to answer any of my emails for the last 2 months since I began expressing my disapproval and requested a refund. He stills sends me his videos but absolutely will not respond to any of my emails. He says he asnwers all emails but this is a lie.

I paid for a service he cannot deliver and so he should refund the money of those who paid for the service he discontinued. He should at least communicate when communicated with.

I wouldn't mind if were just a poor trader (which he is) but that he will not answer his emails or refund money when he pulled the plug on what I paid for - this makes him a crook.

I plan to set up a website to warn people of this scammer.

I hope others with similar stories will post them so that some investigation will be done and he can be labeled for what he is.

Udaytrading and LC

I took out an annual subscription with Udaytrading about 6 months ago. The super scalper copier did not work well, but no money lost as I only ran on demo, as everyone should do to allow a system to prove itslf over time.
LC has at times been slow to respond to emails, but has always evenually replied.
He has changed his method of signal delivery several times, at least trying to find a successful method.
The latest method, SMS signals have been looking good and shows promise.
He has yet to prove himself as a reliable signal provider in the long term, BUT I believe it is quite wrong to label him as a scammer. I believe he is genuine in TRYING to deliver a good service. Maybe for some, results have not be up to expectations but this does not make the service a SCAM. How many EA's or signal suppliers really bring in the fantastic results they often claim? If anybody knows of any I would love to know too.
Hm - I wouldn´t like to pay for the signals from somebody who is still searching for a reasonable trading method... :p

This is an update from a post I made six months ago
I'm still using Udaytrading services, I'm currently using
an advanced copy of LCs new EA. This was given to a select
group of members that purchased his previous EA. We were
involved in part of the testing phase.

His previous EA was turned off because of compliance issues
but this new EA has proven quite successful, I've made about
a thousand pips each month I've been using it, about two months now.

I also received an e-mail that he is giving a free copy
of his new EA to all of his subscribers that purchased his previous

Let's give the guy some credit, he's obviously not a scammer
he still around and is trying to make good on his
original promises. He's always said that he is a
one-man operation because he seems to trade first and then
try to help us second.
Some people might not like that but I'd rather use the
services of a real trader than just a marketer.
Still A Scammer

Signed up for his latest "Pips In theBanK" EA. Nope not an EA at all but his old Trade copier that didn't work properly a year ago. Not happy but wait there's more. Now try and get a refund from this Pr*ck abd he's just the same as he always was. Doesn't reply for weeks to any emails whether it's to his new EA support site or his old site. When he does finally reply it's with a prom,ise that he'll refund after the 30 day guarantee period is over. Of course you'll never see the refund.