1. H

    Stop Loss Execution problem with Xforex

    Hi, I am a new trader and i am not very sure whether i am right in filing a case. Want to highlight my grievance and would request your advice on whether i have enough basis to file a case. I had opened EUR/USD trade on 15th Mar (Friday) and had let the trade run having given the stop loss and...
  2. K

    xforex scam,

    At Xfores, You will be told that they will teach you how to trade forex, but once you start, you will get less than 15 minutes training, they will train you in a way that you feel you learned good things, but in fact they keep you know nothing until you lose your money, they are very very smart...
  3. M

    xforex.com scam

    beware of xforex.com Before we opened an account with xforex we asked them if there is any problem trading at newsrelease time, they answered (emails in our posession) that it is no problem at all, and not only they allow it but they will not ask to stop trading or close account. After we...
  4. B


    Hi guys, im from singapore and last week I opended a account from xforex and deposit a sum of 400usd into it. And after I opended the account I went to do some research about this broker and what I found that is alot people are saying that this xforex is a scammer. So now im really very worry...
  5. C

    xForex.com user from Malaysia

    After the research from world wide net, I just realised xForex.com have such dispute, I am going to withdraw but I am not sure will I face the same problems like the others who file complaints here, My xforex username exactly same as FPA username. Update: I had asking few questions through live...
  6. B

    Xforex.com is a big Scam

    please stay away from this company xforex I used it and made deposits and after that they requested from me some documents and I sent it and After that they activated my account ... and After I made some profits 3317 USD I made withdrawals requests for my deposit amount $25000 and my profits...
  7. D

    Resolved - Xforex - scam

    This website is a scam and I would not recommend it to any one. They will chase you to take your money and give you 1000 reasons for not returning them. I'm still chasing them for my money both the principle amount and my profits despite my earlier unsuccessful events. I'll keep you posted with...
  8. D

    copy of documents required?

    Hi. I applied to open an account with xforex and one of their staff made the transaction and took money from my credit card. in the following day they sent me an email asking for copies of my passport and credit card and home bills saying that is the procedure. I did not like that and thought it...
  9. Ahmed T. Al-Nasser

    RESOLVED - Report XFOREX Issue

    This case is resolved now, and is cancelled.
  10. T

    Xforex Issue - RESOLVED

    i opened account with Xforex with 1k and i traded with them for a month making profits when they suddenly blocked my account and said i am scalping , which doesn't make sense as they have a minimum 2 minutes to close order policy , and when i contacted them they said wait for the investigation...
  11. I

    Xforex.com issue - Resolved

    Before opening an account with xforex.com an email was sent to them with the following question: Hi, I am interested in opening a forex account Please could you clarify your rules on trading around volatile times and scalping, some brokers remove these types of profits - what is your stance...
  12. E

    scammed by xforex

    Hello to you all, I live in sydney and deposited about 10000 us dollars with xforex, they promised the best training available anywhere and bonuses for opening the account, I took the bait, but quickly realised their training was pretty poor, and tried to withdraw my money, firstly this guy...