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    YTFX withdrawal ignored and cancelled by Account Manager

    withdrawal ignored and cancelled by Account Manager hello fellows I had an account in and I do a withdrawal but the account manager named Daniel Collin and Alex Kizow ignored my withdrawal until now I did not get my money back my account number to them is 208769:mad:
  2. S stopped operations,payment not done,account disabled

    I have an trading account with and was trading with them since May 2013.But all of a sudden they disabled my account without informing me and ctting my positions making further losses just a few days since i placed a withdrwal request.Account managers dont pick calls,emails not answered...
  3. R

    Youtradefx SCAM - Please Help

    I´m Youtradefx Client since 2011. Since there i have made some trades and withdraws without any problem. However, in last year the difficults to speak with my manager account began. And in the last year, they change few times (Felipe Zica, Sandro Silva, Carlos Mafra, Renata Brandão and the last...
  4. J

    No Payments from YTFX

    HI there Account number = 173184 My friend whats to withdraw his money, its just 84$ but he is already waiting for more then 4 weeks now. My friend is deaf so: I have called his account manager and talked about issue and said My friend withdrew $84 and later that day it was canceled...
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    Please help: YouTradeFX (YTFX) SCAMMED ME

    I had used YTFX for over two years. It had been taken over by AVA trade last year and then back to the name You Trade FX later, but trading system never changed. And now they are not responding my request of withdrawal. Called many times and forwarded then hung, or email without reply...
  6. Y


    Can't get my money from YTFX, just over 1100$. Sent email as suggested in FPA instructions to and 2 other emails I have from YTFX: and Received a sever reply that the email can't be delivered to LizaS and russian. Did anyone receive money...
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    Avafx Withdraw MAYHEM - these thugs are as bad as ytfx

    Ok I will start from the Top I own a IB Company in New Zealand, I connect people to brokers once upon a time Ytfx Australia looked after me and my clients (no other ytfx branch just Aus branch had some decency) I was told things were find and to continue referring, So a few months...
  8. H don't transfer my money for almost a month

    I wanted to withdrawal my amount on 13/05/2014 15,323$ by transfering the amount to my bank BANK ALJAZIRA in Saudi Arabia . I waited for two weeks but nothing happend then I sent an email to Mr. Jawad Alali asking him about the issue he said the amount has been send to your account go to your...
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    ytfx Scammed me!!

    From: To: Subject: Marlo Wagdy (urgent) Date: Fri, 16 May 2014 17:46:07 +0200 Dear Mr. Jonathan, I read from FPA that you can help me in withdrawing my money. Briefly I asked to withdraw my money since 6 of may the amount is 1023$ my account...
  10. B

    Youtradefx withdraw

    I requested a withdraw to Youtradefx about 2 months and half ago. My account manager answers me he is soleciting his administration to send my bank transfer but nothing happens. My account number is 150962. I sent 4 mails to Jonathan but till now I have no answer. I don't know how I can do...
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    dcalog's problem with YouTradeFx

    I asked the company youtradeFX a bank transfer over three weeks ago, but my money is still in its bank. My Account Manager Angelo Benedetti and the people of the various offices to which I address through email and telephone assert that there will be delays because of too many requests for...
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    YOUTRADEFX.COM is a scam broker !

    I have deposit 800 USD and trade with this broker about 10 weeks, In the march 28 , I have closed all the orders, the loatting order is zero,and I sent the request to withdraw 4131 USD, that is 800 $ I have deposit and 3331 $ frofit I have traded in 10 weeks. But in april 1st,YTFX modify 2 old...
  13. L

    Youtradefx Withdrawal problem

    I requested a withdrawal on February 26, 2014 and it has not been processed and it has been over a month. The last response I received from the company was on March 13, 2014. attached is a copy of my e-mail and their last response.
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    Traders scammed by brokers, legal help for you available.

    Hi, I have been scammed by 4xP and Youtradefx and I'm in contact with an expert in the markets who can help scammed traders through a group of lawyers already prepared on this matter. There is no money to pay at the beginning, 12% is asked when you receive the money back. If you are interested...
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    YouTradeFx Withdrawal

    I requested a withdrawal from account no. 164235 on 15 November 2013. They have made numerous promises to refund $ 3678.45 but to no avail.The message on the account shows that it has been refunded but I did not receive the funds. Please advise on my next course of action?
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    YOUTRADEFX Unpaid Withdrawal

    I would like to add my voice to the many complaints about I opened an account with them in June 2013. I made my first withdrawal request in July 2013 and it took 6 weeks to be processed. I made another withdrawal request 2 weeks ago and it has not been processed. All contact with...
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    YoutradeFX took my money from my account

    My account number is 147275. My contact in Youtrade was a Ruben Marcos. After some time doing trading, I told Ruben Marcos that I had to go inactive for some months for personal reasons that I explained to him at the moment, and even wrote to him saying the same thing. Two weeks ago I decided...
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    Youtradefx scam company

    youtradefc sacm. withdrawal issue i am asim account number in youtradefx is 18824.since 14-01-2014 i send so many emails regarding my withraw but they are not replying.its a scam company.
  19. S

    Big scam youtradefx, ran away from india

    I am Satish Kumar Agarwala from INDIA. My mt4 account is 130964 Youtardefx has disabled my account and took my 1000$ from this account. I want them to eneble my account or else process my withdraw asap. Or else i will file court case in FPA as well i will contact Cyprus Sec. Be aware from...
  20. B

    withdrawal problem youtradefx

    My MT4 account number is 131099 This is cheater company..they freezed my account and dont allow withdrawal i want my 1000 usd back me FPA