yum forex

  1. J

    Problem Yum Forex (Han Global) has cheated me $110.000

    December 2021, I met a girl from China via Tinder, and we quickly switched to whatsapp. Her residence is supposed to be in Guangzhou. Assumed name “Arya”, whatsapp Nº +852 6632 6923 She supposedly earns a lot of money daily in gold investment using the well-known MT4 trading platform. At first...
  2. The Punisher

    Romance Scam Yum Forex Scam (www.yum-forex.com)

    Victims are contacted on Telegram, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, IG, Facebook, Linked In and dating websites and romance is used to lure them in. Eventually scammers talk about investing in Forex and victims are told to go to the website below but once funds are transferred the victim can never get...
  3. S

    YumGroup scam broker

    I recently discovered JuneBowes is now operating as YumGroup.I also have found a new email address. I’ve requested they return my deposits many times and they insist that I must pay a 10% fee in order to transfer to YumGroup server and their MT4. Investors beware