Romance Scam Yum Forex Scam (

Pig Slaughter and similar scams

The Punisher

Victims are contacted on Telegram, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, IG, Facebook, Linked In and dating websites and romance is used to lure them in. Eventually scammers talk about investing in Forex and victims are told to go to the website below but once funds are transferred the victim can never get their money back. This is a WARNING not to do any business with this company.

These scammers also run the following websites:




Website IP

These scams are called Pig Butchering. See the following URL and video for more details.

If someone contact you from those numbers: 852-9159-9987, 424-786-0478 and 719-289-7624, dont believe them and immediately block them, they are scammers and they want you transfer money this scam forex site.
Nice little video that for a few statisticals and a heads up to those unfamiliar with the methods some scammers use. I get messages daily from all types of trading related scammers, they usually open up with the same introduction, we are both members of such and such a group, I hope you don't mind if we connect to exchange ideas..... easy to spot etc, but some of these scams that find "targets" through dating sites etc, and really work theire victims over emotionally are ruthless