1. R

    Zurich Prime Scam

    Has anyone had any positive outcome regarding the recovery of investments into Zurich Prime accounts? I have been recently scammed by Frank Foreman who was persistent when it came to making deposits promising excellent returns. this was going on for a while until the stocks began to decline and...
  2. sameervmehra

    Zurich Prime Scam / Fraud

    I am currently being scammed by Zurich Prime online broker service. They owe me an amount of USD 43,436 as per my last account balance and every time i make a request for a withdrawal of even USD 5000 from my money, they deny my request stating some frivolous excuse such as not sufficient...
  3. D

    Zurich prime are scammers

    initially deposited 250usd. lost around 50usd. thereafter the broker called me more than 25 times .made me deposit 3100 USD. the broker tried to make me lose the money but I was sharp and cancelled the trades lost abit of money. the broker Ross tailor became rude and vulgar and threatened me. I...
  4. K

    Resolved - Scammed by ZurichPrime

    BEWARE!!!! This company ZurichPrime is a fraud. A scam. I put in $120,000 and after they cost me a huge loss in currency with their advices trades I managed to get my equity back on my own to 170k and then I asked for all my funds back, ir I requested all my $170k back. A guy by the name of...
  5. T

    Resolved - I just got scammed by Zurich Prime

    Hello I have been planning to start trading for a while and yesterday I deposited money into the Zurich Prime account but as I was winding up my conversation with the person on the phone I realised that something was off so I googled them, only to find out that they are a scam. I tried to...
  6. N

    zurich prime

    I recently opened an account with zurich prime 5 days ago, and Saturday night I decided to do a Google search on the company only to find out it's a scam. I withdrew my money there and then, and yesterday while I'm busy working I get calls from the financial advisor unfortunately when I pick up...
  7. S

    Resolved: zurichprime.com

    hello sir, i have recently create an account with zurichprime.com and i deposit 250$ . and recently review about this broker which has stolen all people money. i tried a lot to to find how can i get my mony,fortunately i find you i hope i can get my money back with your help.
  8. Yashna

    Resolved: scammed by Zurich Prime

    I recently opened an account with Zurich Prime with zero trading experience or knowledge. The company assured me that this wasn't a problem and they would train me through a personal broker 'Ross Taylor'. I only had $250 in my account at the time and he advised me to add $750 so I could start...
  9. SohebM

    Zurich Prime Scammer

    Dear forex peace army, I am sick and tired of patiently waiting for Zurich Prime to refund my money. Everytime i ask for my money they evade the conversation. I have been waiting for two months now. I tried contacting them however i get no solution. Can someone help. Thanks
  10. N

    Scammed by Zurich Prime

    I'm really saddened that today I'm one of the victims scammed by Zurich Prime. Last week Thursday I wanted to withdraw my money because of the stories I saw on the internet about Zurich Prime but the broker persisted me to not withdraw, he'll make a good profit for me. To my surprise today I...
  11. E

    ZURICH PRIME - I do't want any of your profits, I want my money!

    Dear All, I would like to share my story about a scam Forex company named Zurich prime. I am an employee, however I always believed that i need another source of income in order to live a better life level (a better future). One of my friends have constantly informed me about this website and...
  12. E

    ZURICH PRIME - untrusted broker

    Hello, I am writing my complain here to the well respected forum seeking for true JUSTICE. As anyone I started to look for a source of income especially I am unemployed person and FOREX is the gate for investment wherever you are, regardless of the high risk along with it. I found an Ad for...
  13. HasanZaghloul


    Fraud, Deceit, Manipulate, Extortion, Presumptuous ..... and more ..... I have never ever seen or heard or recognised by any Company did that before in Europe .... never ever. Dear Forex, I'm Dutch man who live in Holland, and who was scammed by Zurich Prime Company. I know you can at least...
  14. S

    Resolved: Zurich Prime is the biggest scam of trading world

    Dear all My name is Samar Alzaki, from Kingdom of Bahrain i have long story with Zurich Prim but i will try to write it in shortly to protect the people from falling into the nets of their monument The story began in February 2017 when i decided to invest my money in the stock market...
  15. Arle0987


    I've been called today and I invested $250 My "manager" has my username and password and keeps making trading transactions without my consent My account is not being verified by theM I don't want any profits I need my $250 back asap Pls help
  16. A


    Dear everyone, I hope you are doing well. I am going to share my whole experience with you about a company based in the UK called in Zurich Prime. My name is Ahmed Al Bahrani from Oman. My first contact with the company came when I deposited $250 on 1st March and on the same day when Taiseer...
  17. Y

    Zurich Prime is not a licensed broker

    STAY AWAY FROM THIS FRAUDULENT COMPANY. Zurich Prime is not a licensed broker. I have been defrauded by Zurich Prime Forex Trading. I have been defrauded in excess of +$US 25,000 in Account No 720277 Zurich Prime is an unlicensed Forex broker which is interested in making profits from your...
  18. R

    Resolved - ZURICH PRIME: Scam, Fraud and un reliable

    Hello People, I'am writing about my case about this scam forex company called zurich prime. At first, i wanted to start investing money inorder to make profit. As a banker, i value the concept of saving and investing now for a better future. However, my friend was insisting on trying zurich...
  19. L

    Resolved - Scammed by ZurichPrime

    Zurich Prime USD DEPOSIT CONFIRMATION Dear Your deposit to Zurich Prime USD has been processed successfully and Account 824328 has been credited with $ 250.00 USD Your transaction will appear on your cardholder statement as: $ 250.00 USD Zurichprime 40312294697 I joined on 22nd May, 2017 and...
  20. Z


    Hi Everyone, I had a horrible experience with an online broker scam company called Zurich Prime based in the UK. I have entered this company with a couple of my friends. However, my friends and I had the same account manager with the name of (Taiseer Aamer). In the beginning, we deposited $250...