This is a warning to all traders, DO NOT TRADE WITH TNTOPTIONS.COM, they are dishonest and cheated me 10,000 they promised, I got a call like many of the traders starting in the binary industry, and was offer'd to make income from home. I advised that I wasn't interested and hungup.. than I answer a call, i wished a never did, James Swanson gives me a call saying he's the owner of the company, he said he has large shares and told me that he can give me a protected account. he than says he can give me bonus money to trade with and with NO RESCRTIONS, i asked him again. and i said how can you do this? he said he owned shares and is the boss of the company. and he has the power to do so. he requested 1K, and i added, and thus the bonus was given. 3k =4K with bonus. he kept giving me offers i couldn't refuse, he said to add more like around 6kusd, and i will have 9K Refundable. and 3 K to trade with ( bonus money ) the 9K was due to an overcharge of in EURO not USD. so he credited me this offer and said not to worry as long as i don't trade past the balance I'm fine. of course i was unaware it was in euros and complained at the time, my balance was at 13K, and never went down past my deposit which is promised on an email-transcript. he of course called me to offer. but got an email. The day i wanted to leave tntoptions.com to request a withdraw and when i did. They informed me that James Swanson, is fired and yes he's email isn't working anymore, I asked for my withdraw and they are refusing to give me what was promised and stole my balance and closed my account. I signed a contract stating that they can NEVER take any security's, balance from my account. and they say its void because James is terminated ant thus voided the contract. they said in order for me to now continue i must sign on there terms and state on an email transcript that i accept there terms. thus locking my account from withdraw unless i trade a ridiculos volume, The person who went into my account is Zack Peterson. and yes and if that's not bad enough hes in charge of my account, and refunds. he told me this is what we can offer you. my 6K USD deposit, converted to Euro which is 9K also with Netpay, there are fees. WARNING NetPay, is a bad processor and is denying all the proof i offer, even when i call head-quarters ( Romania ) they lady named Sana, says she promised to give me a refund and says they should. i did as she said and sent an email stating a refund. and my response was very cold. They simply said Good Luck. and seemed to not want to chat. they closed the chat and disconnect the phone when you ask where they are. James told me they were located in London England, no one is helping my bank is refusing because they said its investments when i never got the service or offer they gave me which counts as fraud, they even stole my money which again would count as Financial/Investment Fraud. Netpay really pisses me off!:mad: they said they would like to help me and then gets my hopes up. when i call to find out David Baba ( Home Page ) they transferred my case back to the merchant like that would Fck*ing help. and says there's nothing you can do. worse of all my bank isn't offering a charge-back ( visa debit. and sadly at a loss. I've been a victim of a terrible scam and got lured in with a b.s agreement, and a b.s lie, I can't believe they would take so much money from someone and be so cold. they don't want to answer any questions. and when you do they start going Crazy. funny thing is they say if i keep calling ill get a lawsuit. hmmmm. well anyway PLEASE FOREX PEACE ARMY, am begging you to help get my money back. should i just sign to see if he trades and wins what is fair for me to have. or take whatever action advised.

Here is the Website: TNTOptions
Here is the Bank: https://www.brd.ro/en/about-brd

The company real name is City Gain Capital ( Has a LinkedIn Account ))
There head-office is Market City International Srl ( Has a LinkedIn Account )

Info about City Gain Capital
Info about Market City International srl
Company MARKET CITY INTERNATIONAL SRL tax code 33170583 from Romania

they operate on different sites such as
there are more but not worth noting

I'm From Canada, and really don't have much seeing how they cleaned my account. i am hoping for options Thank you

they are in the process of being regulated by sysec. but with no reg number. however you can find the companys registration and phonenumber, on the website.

another thing to note he said whatever trades i win go to my balance and whatever trades i lose goes to my bonus, my account is at 14K, how the hell are they claiming the rest of my balance?


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Try your card's issuing bank again. Explain that the services a broker offers include deposit, trading, AND withdrawal. Include that email which talks about your ability to withdraw your deposit. Include screenshots showing your current balance and equity. Explain that you want a chargeback based on failure to provide withdrawal services.

What county are you in?
I'm from Canada, and my bank is with Scotiabank, I'm speaking with the ombudsman to help dispute these