2010 Forex Broker Scam of the Year Nominees

Which of these companies should get the 2010 Forex Broker Scam of the Year Award?

  • EMPfx.com

    Votes: 6 10.9%
  • SigmaForex.com

    Votes: 13 23.6%
  • RBCForex.ru

    Votes: 12 21.8%
  • ForInvests.net

    Votes: 20 36.4%
  • ACTCFX.com

    Votes: 10 18.2%
  • BForex.com

    Votes: 9 16.4%
  • OneCorpFx.com

    Votes: 11 20.0%

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2010 Forex Broker Scam of the Year Nominees
(in chronological order)​

2010 had a pile of bad brokers. Each one of them deserves special recognition in its own scammy way. Please vote for the ones that you think were the worst. Here are the nominees...

EMPfx.com (E-Money Power)
This broker shut down. The FPA contacted them on behalf of traders who were trying to withdraw their money. EMP said it would take 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, EMP fx didn't respond to any contact attempts.

Article about E-Money Power

Original thread about EMPfx closing

Original complaint against EMPfx.com

FPA Scam Finding against EMP fx

Getting money from this broker was like pulling teeth. FPA Investigator Tessa had to spend weeks on each complaint, only to have more complaints of withdrawal delays come in. Sigma claimed that one trader's account was of a type that prohibited scalping. It turns out that his account was of the type where SigmaForex did allow scalping. These scammers finally promised that they'd finish checking to see what trades were and weren't legal by a certain date, then they cut off all contact with the FPA and didn't send any of the money they owed.

Article about SigmaForex

Original complaint against Sigma Forex

FPA Scam Finding against SigmaForex.com

The broker canceled a bunch of profitable trades as scalping, leaving most of the losing ones. The trader changed to longer term trades, and the broker decided to reduce a $1575 profit down to $45. The trader decided to take what was left of his money out of the account, but couldn't get RBC to send the money. RBC Forex refused to reply to the trader or to the FPA.

Article about RBCForex.ru

FPA Scam Finding against RBC Forex

ForInvests.net (aka ForInvest Group)
This is the company you can thank for the idea of Scam of the Year Awards. They falsely claimed to have won a 2009 Broker of the Year award, but could never tell anyone where they got it from. They also created several fake accounts to try to promote themselves inside the FPA's forums. One person who admitted being a representative publicly admitted preventing a client from being able to close a position that was going against him.

Article about ForInvest Group

Original complaint against ForInvests.net

ForInvests tries to spamvertise itself into the FPA - a comedy of stupidity

FPA Scam Finding against For Invests

ACTCFX.com aka AC Trading Co.
A trader attempted a new withdrawal after getting back his initial deposit. The withdrawal requests kept disappearing from the system. After the trader complained and told the company that he had screenshots of this happening, he reports that a couple of large orders were opened on his account that he couldn't close or modify, in an apparent attempt to wipe out his account. AC Trading company then ignored all contact attempts from him and the FPA.

Article about AC Trading Company

FPA Scam Finding against ACTC FX

They blocked a traders access to his account. When contacted by the FPA, this broker's representative claimed that the trader had been scalping. When records showed that trades did not meet the definition of scalping, the story changed to accusations of other TOS violations. When asked for details about how trades that seemed to follow what BForex advertised was available to clients, this ended with threats of legal action if the FPA put the words BForex and scam together in the FPA's forums. The scam broker BForex also appeared to have used an anonymous proxy to post fake positive reviews for itself.

Article about BForex.com

Original complaint against B Forex

FPA Scam Finding against BForex

OneCorpFx.com aka One Corporation Forex Financial Group
A client attempted to make a withdrawal and was met by delays. OneCorpFx told him that the money was with Boston Technologies and claimed to be suing them to get it back. The trader contacted Boston Technologies and was told that there was no lawsuit. The FPA tried to contact both companies. OneCorpFx (OCFX) didn't bother to respond to either the FPA or their client. Boston Technologies responded and explained that One Corp Fx was just passing the buck.

Later, someone claiming to be the owner of OneCorp emailed the FPA and I exchanged a few emails with him. He now claimed to be preparing a lawsuit and tried to have the scam finding eithe lifted or redirected to be against Boston Technologies. I told him that I would need strong proof to show to the Scam Investigations Committee. He sent an email over the Christmas holidays that contained his "proof" that the fault was all due to the other company. When I didn't reply fast enough for this guy's tastes, he threw a fit and accused the FPA of being a scam. I told him that if he would grow up, I'd be happy to keep discussing it. I also told him that all he proved was that some money was transfered, not which company owed money to the other. I told him I would need more evidence if he wanted to get the scam finding lifted. He never wrote back.

Article about OneCorpFx.com

Original complaint against One Corp Fx

FPA Scam Finding against OneCorpFx

Voting will remain open for about 80 days.


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What about Prime4x?

What? Prime4x didn't make the list? I think there should at least be a write-in candidate field. I don't know the details of the ones that made the list, but I don't know what metrics you are using either. Perhaps just the number of votes. Not the total amount stolen, number of victims, audacity rating, or in Prime4x's case, the fact that they just up and left and closed shop and took EVERYONE'S money that they hadn't already taken. I personally fell for the No-Margin-Call Margin-Call. That was a good one. I felt like Charlie Brown with Lucy and the football. What was that cartoon trying to teach us...hum...

So back to the moment at hand, so this top 6 list, how have they earned this? If we are giving out an Oscar here, shouldn't we viewers at least get a short clip, a blurb, on their misdeeds which has vaulted them to such a place of dishonor?

I rest my case Your Honor.


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aha... found the blurbs...

musta not been logged in yet, cause when I reloaded the page, there were the blurbs...more coffee needed...

But I still want a write-in candidate field. And In My Mind, no matter who wins, Prime4x was my Lucy.

Hey that's it!!! We can call it the "Lucy" award!!!! There's a "Lucy" in every crowd. Don't fall for it every time like Charlie Brown. Maybe only once. Which is what I hope my Prime4x experience has taught me...hope hope hope...

The award slogan could be: "Don't give Lucy your football."


Private, 1st Class
Charlie Brown, Lucy and football picture :)

Lucy award photo: Charlie Brown & Lucy

Have a nice day. As I laugh at my own stupidity, I must now get back to work...:)!!!! :D!!!!

Thanks for the 2010-forex-broker-scam-year awards FPA!!!!

Thanks for all your hard work to make the forex world a little bit safer.


Looks like Prime got saved for 2011. Either that our our AsstModerator didn't drink enough coffee when he prepared the list.