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Discuss 2ndSkiesForex.com (Chris Capri)

General discussions of a financial company
This guy says he's a fund manager, but I can't find any performance of his account or of his fund. I wonder, if all the five stars ratings are genuine, how come he doesn't post any verified performance ? It would only help his business.
4. He is so devoted to promoting his courses and lectures and webinars that I cannot believe that he has any time or will to trade real money. He is just one of the many self-promoting gurus that do not trade and make risk free money by selling courses without trading signals. Real joke.
Price Action, Pro, And Ichi Trading with 2ndskiesforex - Page 18 @ Forex Factory
If you want to look at statements you better go to office. Chris has reputation on Wall st. and have enough clients. He doesn't need to post statements online, serious people give a call cos' minimum investment is $500k. Want to invest, find him, give him a call and do business. For disappointed newbies out there, we prove you nothing go check for yourself. I have a topic in forum of price action journal (no statements, educational purpose only). I have discount code, let me know if somebody need it
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I am new to FPA, I found this to be a helpful resource (helped me choose the right broker etc)...

I had a question regarding education and was not sure where to put it.

I found a guy called Chris Capre who runs a trading education website called 2ndskiesforex

I found some reviews on here (mostly seems to be 4-5 star rated)...

I guess I wanted a general breakdown as to what I can expect, what is realistic, what is a pipe dream etc...

Is the quality of education of the nature that can turn someone into a professional full time trader, is it more like every other course out there that tells you certain things but never really tells you anything specific that you need to know to be a professional, is it like Greg Secker stuff I have found to be nothing more than a high priced scam (people claim they knew nothing about trading and after JUST 3 weeks! they are earning $10,000 per month" - which is a load of BS as I have been learning forex for an entire year now and still not ready to trade, 3 weeks only and already making 10k per month through that greg secker type training? -

I am trying to avoid hog wash con artists, but more specifically I am trying to become a professional price action trader to be able to read the markets and take opportunities from them, not leave stuff on the table due to not knowing how to apply the rules... and better, how do I even go about developing the rules. I understand all the technical theory basics, but I need to know how to apply this stuff so that I can recognise trading opportunities.

So any feedback on 2ndskiesforex - any good, scam, stay away from, no concrete information, etc... would be appreciated.
The best way to avoid all this con artists is to educate by yourself. It's 21st century mate. All can be done with internet and a little work.
Some people may need a teacher to really learn something. Some are fine learning it on their own. Two people can take the same class from the same teacher. For some, it's a great learning experience, for others, it isn't. This can be as simple as whether or not the teacher's style matches the stye of the student or not.

First, save yourself a lot of cash and heartache. Start with FREE material (like Forex Military School and other free items here at the FPA). Once you've gone through that material and spent some time on demo accounts, you'll be in a much better place to decide if you need more training and what sort of training you are looking for.
I found the reviews on FPA and they all seem to be 4-5 stars saying how awesome and good it is.

I then found another forex forum claiming that FPA is a scam. That FPA use this as a way of generating traffic and you dont post bad reviews of people you protect that have affiliate partnership with you.

If that is the case... how can I even know those reviews are right?

I mean people like this I have found through google searching: quora.com/Is-Forex-Peace-Army-legit

Others like forexfactory.com/thread/241869-is-forex-peace-army-a-big-scam

All in all, whats the deal with that?
Makes it a little hard to make a decision if everyone is in everything for themselves.
Did the FPA recommend any specific broker or product for you? I think the answer is No.

Did the FPA rig the reviews for the company you asked about? If so, why is there a 1 star review on top of the page that's been there since November? Until some new review, good or bad, come in, it will stay in the top position here...


Did you notice that the dedicated discussion thread for the company you asked about has a reply by the FPA member with the most highest post count telling people to hold off paying for any paid training course before decided if there is any need to spend money? You can see that in post #8 here...


Many years ago, the FPA exposed the fraud of a company that stole a large amount of money from a member. That company went out and created accounts on nearly every forex forum spreading lies about the FPA to damage our credibility. They also created over 100 free blogs to do the same thing.

A few years later, one of the brokers paying to advertise at the FPA broke promises to provide evidence when the FPA was investigating complaints from 2 of their clients. After several warnings to them, I personally cancelled their advertising contract. Now that company hosts pages full of anti-FPA libel.

Between those two incidents, anyone who disagrees with the FPA over anything can find all the negative claims they like to try to claim the FPA is evil. If the FPA is so evil, why would I do this instead of accepting a bribe?


I could personally pocket a lot of money if I did take bribes. But, if I was stupid enough to do that, it would take very little time for loyal FPA members to realize something was wrong and the FPA would lose credibility and traffic. Then I'd need a new job. Instead, ALL reviews for ALL companies go through exactly the same screening process.

Did you notice that the person who gave the longest on Quora is from ForexTrade1.com. He claims the FPA only approves negative reviews and will never approve positive reviews. Funny, I see where his company tried to submit a bunch of fake positive reviews. I also see he's literally offering a bribe of a month of free service to anyone who can get a fake positive review past the FPA's review moderation. Despite is false claims, there are some positive review for his company here...


My staff and I work very hard to keep the forums and reviews as fair and honest as possible. If you want to believe conspiracy theories, you are free to spend your time looking for review sites that do a better job screening out fake reviews. I personally don't think you will find any other review site that works as hard as the FPA to keep things fair and honest.