been scam by this broker stay away from them ,they do not return my money ,now not even bother to reply to my e-mails

they are defenatley scamers when you open a trade they will mouve the feed 15 and even 30 pips against your trade ,

how can we stop and were to report brokers like that ,thanks to Forex peace army at lease some one is there for us ,
Vancouver Canada


Changing the exchange rate by itself!!!!


I have checked out your claim about the apparent large changes in the "Pip rate". You can see 2 major factors from the screen capture "EURUSD 2pipsforex.com Pips Spread 29 June 2011". The Pip range is 1 pip only. This is a demo account. Also look in the Market watch window on this and your own files and you can make the calculation between Bid and Ask. This is also 1 pip.

So, this brings us to the real question? What is this sudden 20 - 70 pip spike, up or down? Well, if you believe that the market cannot be moved, then think again, because it obviously can.

Also note on the Global Clearing Group Ltd Website, 2 things. "$50 000 minimum deposit 1 pip Forex spread for all currencies. SWAP free. Free Segregate account." WARNING.......ONLY DEAL WITH A BROKER WHO ALWAYS PROVIDES SEGREGATED ACCOUNTS. Also this company is "The Company is registered under law Commonwealth of Dominica. The Company's registration number is 15182. Governet by the IBC ACT Nr.10 of 1996 a Tax Haven Jurisdiction" So, you must understand how the Laws apply to you and to them.

This is NOT a recommendation nor condemnation of this Broker, I am only investigating the facts, so that you and others are better informed


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