I participated with other investors in a hedge funds investment program executed by senior staff from AAOption. The program started on April, 2015 and ended successfully on June 12, 2015. Pay outs have been delayed until now for a variety of reasons, i.e payment of insurance premium for both investment and profit, sickness of the main execution executive, questioning of the transactions made during the program period, problems with the bank selected by AAOption, etc.. I received a series of update on the investment into the hedge fund program, with the last update received on February 25, 2016 stating that the money is safe and that the payout would show into my personal accounts by March 11 at the latest. This has never materialized up until now and what is even worst is that AAOption does not reply my emails, unable to reach my account manager over the telephone because he is unavailable and finally for about a week now, everytime I call the only number they provide to be contacted, I get the message that this number is not in service.