Ashley Tunley



This person started trading in 2014. Not qualified to teach new forex traders. He is constantly starting new websites to teach a new method which he stole from someone else. It's the only way he can make money, he will literally charge his members two separate fees, one for the indicators he downloaded from forexfactory and two for the training videos he knocked off babypips. Sign ups are slow, so he will now open "winner circle fx". Get ready for a barrage of constant fb posts about how this is the next big thing Photoshoped over an Instagram photo.

Poor excuse of a trader, he went into the source code of a trix moving average oscillator and renamed most of the indicator with poor grammar to Trend Tracker. So that no one would know what it actually was. I have tested his auto cash pilot and it blew my demo account.


Brigadier General
It's too bad so many companies put more effort into marketing how great their trades are than they put into the actual trades.