ATTENTION! Forex client simulates scam!!

All they say is" WE ARE FULLY REGISTERED TO OFFER FINANCIAL SERVICES INTERNATIONALLY"- what the hell does it mean? financial services can be many things :)

If they were really regulated anywhere- they would highlight it and it will be very clear. That's not the case here.

In my opinion they try to exploit the fact that many newbies that enter in the forex market don't know well what means regulations
and other important things in order to avoid to be scammed. Again.... the license number must be CLEAR and not hidden.
Hi to everybody,

I am speaking as a representative of a online trading company called Mxtrade. I would like to inform all the honest workers and all the online forex companies that there is a guy in the web called ALBERTO TORRESINI who is spending all his days trying to cheat us!! He is writing in a lot of forums, posting video on youtube only with the aim of discrediting and attacking the companies and blackmail them in exchange for money!!! We have already adopted measures denouncing him and we will go through the end cause we know we are right.

Be aware of him and do not accept him as a client!

This is scam site I lost my money to with this site ! if you think Alberto lying ! Can you show us document where you registed your sited or not ? I look when he asked you about document registed or document you transfer money you never show us why ? that mean you are real scam site , im one that lost money from you ! show us your document if you not scam , you can't show finish now it mean it true you eat money people and we can't let you work again !
Hi everybody this is scam site and the same site with tradingbanks same scam make people lost of money before and continue now don't believe this scam site let make them stop to scam us please !
Hi ! everyone let do together make this scam site eat money people go away from the marget right now I lost money with them too and lot people sent to police of them site , don't do trade with them and make them stop to work for lying people right now please thank you .
And go look the newspaper of Italy how ? it scam site on the newspaper read if you don't belive go read ok?