Banc De Binary - Endless Scam !!!


Master Sergeant
I also want to provide an update and let everyone know that I've now received my 3rd chargeback in full from the scumbucket scammer BDB! The 3rd bank informed me yesterday that MasterCard ruled in my favour in the arbitration against BDB and all the funds were reversed back to me yesterday, so thank God for that! I checked my credit card account this evening and the money is all back in there.

Am now still waiting on VISA to rule in my favour against the scumbucket scammer BDB and for the funds to be fully returned to me. Am still praying hard and hoping like crazy that this will be the case soon as it's been a harrowing 8 months to the day since I was scammed in a mega fashion by these thieves back in January 2016.

For those who are not aware, BDB did not dispute the 1st and 2nd chargebacks and the funds were reversed back to me way back in April. BDB however disputed 3 other cards used. Unfortunately 1 bank has refused to move forward with the 2nd chargeback so that is another story in itself, and I will be retrieving this stolen sum another way.

So please, please everyone, make sure that you file for a chargeback ASAP to ensure that you recover all your funds from all these scammers out there. DO NOT believe any of their lies and DO NOT fall further into their trap of depositing more REAL money in return for their play money BONUS - which is worth even less than the paper the Monopoly money is printed on!