1. All you need is to be subscribed for a month. Purely watch the webinar videos and learn from them.
2. I spent 10 months in the group, and it does not worth your money. If you are really a novice trader you will learn the patience game. Otherwise he will feed you for 4 to 5 month with enormous setups that are here and loosing trades for months.
3. This trader knows how to trade by textbook in 2016 year market conditions. In corona virus/trump era market conditions he cant make money and that is what he is going to teach you. You will often hear that there are no possibilities "today" every day.
4. If you will have any problem with the service or the payment, the called "support" will never help you or try to sort you out. They will just not answer your emails. Bernie will tell you to contact them and they will help you out quickly, but trust me, it will never happen. (At this point I just gave up, too much promises + not enough education an + no support + 120fee and not 100).
5. Corona virus + Christmas and summer holidays forget about the service, you will have your morning and evening calls. But you still will bring the money like you were having crazy setups.
6. Result: For you - there is no setup. For Bernie - even without setup he receives your money. Between 500k and a mill per year on subscriptions, why trade and take risks?