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Been victimized by binary options companies? Can’t withdraw your investment? We may be able to help. Thus far we have collected for our clients more than $2,500,000 without litigation. Most of the binary options companies purporting to be operating from the U.K or Cyprus or the Caribbean Islands - are in fact located in Israel our home turf.


Litigation in these fraud matters is costly, slow and inefficient. The binary options scammers’ only stock in trade are the sales people they pick up from the street and train them for a few days, but they leave after a few months when their conscience overcomes their greed. Then, there are computers, desk and a well stocked wine, beer and liquor bar. If litigation is instituted they fold in a few days and resurface under another name elsewhere. So why bother? The only real targets are the principals, and that’s where we aim our scopes.


We are willing to consider representation of individuals that had lost more than $100,000. We work on a combined small upfront fee (non-contingent and nonrefundable) and a contingent bonus. The upfront fee is required to familiarize ourselves with the case and do initial investigation. We do not bring civil or regulatory lawsuits, but attempt to get our clients' money refunded through other legal means. If collection is failed during the first six months of our efforts. then we could discuss litigation. Obviously, past successes are not a guarantee for a success in other matters.


We are proud of our ability to conduct worldwide complex legal investigative operations, maintain confidentiality, and achieve results. We have an international practice whose operatives have gained substantial experience as investigation managers and intelligence analysts.

Our strategies rely on both a range of investigative techniques and on custom tailored means. We devise a client- specific field investigative and develop and then draw upon a network of confidential sources to gain information on the targeted individual or corporation. Concurrently, we search through publicly available local records, and employ other investigative methods suitable for the specific case.

We are experienced in locating qualified operatives in foreign countries, guiding them to the necessary information we need, then analyzing the raw data received and issuing further instructions. At all times we insist that local laws are maintained and that no unlawful activities will take place. Illegal actions are not only wrong per se, they may also contaminate potential legal proceedings.

To facilitate the analysis of the intelligence data we receive, we extract, and then cross-reference relevant information from different of raw data items that seemingly have no importance until put together in the right location in the intelligence “jigsaw puzzle”.

What we do not do:

  • Carry on or assist illegal or unethical activity. We must be satisfied that the legal investigation we are assigned is legal, and that it would not promote illegal ends.
  • Compete with law enforcement. We always cooperate with law enforcement agencies, while preserving confidentiality and privileges.
The Firm’s Principal

Haggai Carmon, an Israeli lawyer heads Carmon & Carmon an international law firm.


  • Haggai Carmon is a cum laude graduate of the Tel Aviv University Law School and a holder of a Master’s degree from St. John’s University in New York. Haggai is admitted to practice law in Israel and acts as a Legal Consultant in New York. He is the author of a legal textbook, FOREIGN JUDGMENTS IN ISRAEL – RECOGNITION AND ENFORCEMENT, published by the Israeli Bar Association, with an introduction by the Honorable Eliezer Rivlin, Deputy Chief Justice of the Israel Supreme Court. The book was also published internationally in English in hardcover and electronic editions by SPRINGER PUBLISHING.
The book which includes broad research of comparative law of foreign countries, became an immediate authority, cited as authority by the courts, including the Israel Supreme Court in more than 17 judgments during the past four years.


  • Since 1985, and for twenty years, Haggai Carmon was engaged by the U.S government to perform intelligence gathering that required sensitive undercover work in more than thirty countries. Haggai Carmon continues to actively represent major clients in major international collections, combining his intelligence gathering, investigative and legal skills.
  • Haggai Carmon was declared by his peers as one of the world’s leading practitioners in the field of Asset Recovery Lawyers.
  • Haggai Carmon is a member of AFIO, the U.S Association of Former Intelligence Officers.
  • Inspired by his undercover work for the US Government, Haggai Carmon has authored five intelligence thrillers in the Dan Gordon Intelligence Thriller® series, commercially published by AMAZON. The series includes Triple Identity, The Red Syndrome, The Chameleon Conspiracy, Triangle of Deception, and Defection Games.
The thrillers describe CIA/MOSSAD cooperation where the protagonist Dan Gordon, a MOSSAD veteran now working for the U.S Department of Justice in foreign intelligence gathering, discovers that the seemingly routine cases he is handling are espionage or terrorist related. Although the thrillers are fiction, they draw on Haggai Carmon’s decades of professional experience, and are thus unusually authentic, as the identities of those contributing their introductions indicate:

For Triple Identity: Sarah McKee, former General Counsel, INTERPOL, USA, and “Anonymous,” a former top executive of the MOSSAD.
For The Red Syndrome: Brigadier General Ephraim Sneh, Israel’s former Deputy Minister of Defense and Minister of Health.
For The Chameleon Conspiracy: Andre LeGallo, former top CIA operative.
For Triangle of Defection: Jacob Perry, former director of SHABACK, Israel’s internal security service.
For Defection Games: David Epstein, former Director of Foreign Litigation for the U.S. Department of Justice. Defection Games became #1 Bestseller in AMAZON in its genre.


  • Major international corporations engage Haggai Carmon to internationally search, discover sue and recover debtors worldwide. Currently Haggai Carmon has managed operations and legal proceedings in 12 countries (outside the US and Israel.) Local legal services in these foreign countries are provided by qualified law firms working in concert with us. Since 1985 through 12/2016, the U.S. Justice Department has retained Haggai Carmon as its attorney to represent U.S. government interests including appearance in civil litigation in Israel. Haggai Carmon continues to serve as the outside legal counsel to the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, and to the Estonian Embassy in Tel Aviv. Haggai Carmon has successfully represented the European Union in civil litigation in Israel. Haggai Carmon is the Honorary Consul of Estonia in Israel.

Haggai Carmon has written dozens of articles published by Huffington Post.

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