Buddhism for Forex


Every trader knows that being emotional leads to mistakes.

Maybe you're the type that closes the positions before it hits the stops because you have no confidence.
Maybe you're the type that impulsively opens positions to get your money back.
Maybe you're the type that feels life isn't worth living if you can't make a profit.

Did you know that desire is the cause of all suffering?

Think about it.
I lost my mother just a short year ago and I miss her all the time. I want to tell her when things go well, and I want to tell her when things go badly, and sometimes I wish I hadn't spent as many weeks without calling.

All of these sentences, accidentally actually, have a synonym for desire. The only time we feel bad is when we have an expectation for the past, present or future that doesn't match with the way things either are or appear to be.

I think some of the reason why some of us hold expectations is out of hubris, and others it's out of self-deprecation. Admittedly, not many get into forex out of self-deprecation...I'm sure many go through phases of it and quit though.

The fact is if we recognize that acceptance is the way to make desire seem silly, then we can put it aside and just continue.
You can't make money if unless you do something.

Money is just a means, and not an end mind you, and desire leads to suffering regardless of the goal (in my experience...after all, who's achieved a goal here and felt empty rather than satisfied?)

I have a website with no advertising (it's all on my dime with no sponsors or donations, that is) about several religions, and more so life and living thoughts if any one's interested. I'd rather have mod approval before posting the link.

Be Good.


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Most of your desires are really social one, like demanding good life and so on but something must be really done there for whatever reason so I do hope it will really make something out of it if there will be so much need for that much. Good phylosophy post.