Lt. Colonel
I have open in December 2015 a live account by caesartrade on 400% base. I have deposit 1250 strling pound and I have recieved 5000 strling pound credit. Regards the %400 condition I must be make 500 lots when I have made 569 lots I have tried to whidtrow a day later i have recievef email that my account must be reviewed a week later was my account closed whit out any reason to know. I have conyact more then 100 time but no respons.
I want to know:
Why is my account closed?
Where is my deposit and profit?
Please give the answer
Gul Mangal
I think you have to create new thread at scam folder to get more suggestion how to get your money back. You can do same here Start new thread with the details you have shared here.

Billy Pidu

Thanks FPA for your review on Caesartrade (CT). I have a Google Ad that pops up every now and then on my smartphone with CT's enticing 400% bonus. Doing my due diligence I am pleased that FPA has done a great service to the trading community with your ongoing review of this online business group. Well done FPA.


Caesartrade did not return my money. Erik .harbor It is a crook. When I lost money I was a good customer but when I started earning Then he closed my account and left my money in his ownership. I deposited $ 4200 earned as $200 but at the end Eric closed my account at loss in $ 3,850 that left. Eric was a liar and have an argument with my mentor from Company: GogoBorsa Ltd (from Israel) and stole allso from the company group of students... you Must share this and warn other customers. This trader is scandal a disgrace to Business and shame to the honesty of America.
Caesartrade is scam and crook - Caution !
All of us here have been hurt by Caesar trade is just a thief and a crook
And I ask: Why to give up?
It is precisely that thos who have injured - we now have a duty
(if we choose) To Warn others so they will not suffer as we suffered ...
That's the wisdom of the masses!
So what can we do?
Use the power of the Internet, Share this site anywhere on the web & on facebook! as more as better.
That the entire Internet knew that Eric had just a crook.

When I joined (unfortunately) there was in the support of Caesartrade
A diligent man named Jacob. As a customer, I received a good service from him... After 3 months he left, my guess: Eric did not pay him his salary ..
Which business steals from the customers, steals from his employees and probably does not pay taxes either???
Caesartrade - Scam!
So again we can complain about him everywhere ... even to go or send emails to the appropriate authorities ...
So we can act: No more Caesartrade customers that will lost their money by cheating...