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Problem CAIM - Capital Alternative Investment Management

I am having an issue with a company


Hi all,

I have invested with CAIM ABOUT US | www.capital-alternative.ch, their performance is pretty bad and it seems like it even does not match the performance their provide. I have predefined my account risk to 40%, they trade in really hazardous manner (the more market goes against them, the more they are adding to the position), today account equity dropped below 60% but nothing happned, they did not close position and they are still trading against market.

The weird thing I noticed is, there are no points about them on the internet, forums, topics etc. I have found Gim Invest :: Alternative investment company which is offering programs very similar to CAIM programs, also the whole web structure is similar.

They are saying, they have many investors around the world and they are managing over $100 milion.

They are regulated by FINMA FINMA - Search but as FINMA confirmed, they did not know whether the results CAIM publish, are real or just made up.

Is here anyone who has any experience with CAIM? I'm really angry, they just talk and talk, and my account is vanishing.
Try to have a serious talk with FINMA - explain that the company is violating promises made to traders.

Ask someone from capital-alternative.ch to join this thread and explain how they intend to fix this issue.
They do not have $100 million AUM
They have a NFA judgement against them
BASIC Details

I suggest you close your account immediately - these guys are churning your account for broker rebates
you should definitely report this to FINMA and ask them for the support.
Its seems that the same group of people has been (negatively) operating for many years (decades) and under different company names and it is shame that they can still still money from innocent investors. If you go to NFA you will see that CAIM regulated status was withdrawn 2010. And if you google both companies and the people behind them you will see many signs and blogs pointing out that behind GIM Invest and CAIM are the same people with very negative attentions. You should definitely report this to both FINMA and NFA and ask for your money to be repaid - take also a lawyer who will help you with it - you can and should get your money back.
Ask them for audited performance returns

All legitimate managed investment vehicles have their performance returns audited and verified by a proper accounting firm.
Ask CAIM to provide you with their audited performance returns - I would be interested to hear their response.
still looking for CAIM news

Has anyone else been scammed by CAIM Gmbh? The same group are behind fxim-markets.com STAY AWAY!!!
Mr. "Gerhard the great", you have already received a cease and desist order from Capital Alternative Investment Management. Obviously, you want to earn yourself crimnal charges by our lawyers - let me give you a hint: there are more than 40 lawyers working for Badertscher - a couple of them are specilized in crminal law:

Badertscher Rechtsanwälte | Attorneys at Law

Badertscher Rechtsanwälte AG
Mühlebachstr. 32
Postfach 769
CH-8024 Zürich
Tel. +41 44 266 20 66
Fax. +41 44 266 20 70
Mr. M.L., you have already been sued in 4 countries for your criminal slandering of Capital Alternative Investment Management. You are being investigated by London Metropolitan Police, Swiss Criminal Police, German criminal police and other around the globe. Feel free to contact CAIM's lawyers:

Badertscher Rechtsanwälte | Attorneys at Law

Badertscher Rechtsanwälte AG
Mühlebachstr. 32
Postfach 769
CH-8024 Zürich

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Tel. +41 44 266 20 66
Fax. +41 44 266 20 70