ChartWizz Beta Test - Beta Testers Needed

Fredrik M Representative
Hi there boys and gals,
My name is Fredrik Maas. I'm one of the main originators and your numero uno representative of a traders new best friend trading tool called ChartWizz.
We have secretly been lurking in the dark waters for a while now. Developing and tweaking and waiting for the exact right moment to make a public
announcement in order to make ChartWizz the word on every traders tongue from here to Uzbekistan :).

Gather your friends and family, turn off your TV (mute works fine) and gather around because people, this is it!

So what the heck is ChartWizz and what has it got to do with me?
That is a fair question indeed.

Ponder no more,
ChartWizz is a tool designed by traders for traders with the purpose of assisting in our day to day trading activity by enabling us to log our charts in a very easy and efficient way.
The idea behind it is that a procedure as simple as logging your charts really shouldn't take no more than a couple of clicks and a few mouse movements, or put in another way
10 to 15 seconds tops to log five charts. With this goal in mind we set out to create the tool you now know as ChartWizz.

Still with us? Great!
As far as traditional development and in house testing goes we have now come to the very pleasant stage where we will need to take on beta testers to hunt down
those nasty bugs and OS related issues that makes all of our lives miserable.

This is where you guys comes into the picture.
With that said, It's my pleasure to invite you to participate in the public Beta Test of ChartWizz 2.0.

Please find more info and the Beta signup form here:

We really hope that you will love this tool and find it just as useful and indispensable as we do!

Ps: We would love to hear what you think once you tried it out so
please let us know by dropping us few lines below.

Fredrik M |
Team Chartwizz / Sweden