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Correlation Code Review

Discussion in 'Has anyone heard of?' started by Forexwatchman, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Forexwatchman

    Forexwatchman Sergeant

    Sep 17, 2009
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    Jason Fielder, the same man who brought us the over-hyped and oversold Triad Trading Formula just a couple of months ago, has been over-promoting and over-exaggerating (I'd assume) another epiphany of his called the Correlation Code. According to one of over 20 emails that I've been bombarded with over the last 2 weeks, his upcoming webinars (the last of which took place last night) "Over 42,000 downloads of The Correlation Secret & The Correlation Cheat Sheets...Tens of thousands of traders POUNDING the blog
    every day to watch the videos and learn more...2146 plus comments of INTENSELY excited traders anticipating "The Big Reveal" on today's live webinars!".
    WOW!!! Sounds great, but the World Series was also on at the same time, so I missed out, I guess. Anyway, I am truly interested at any unbiased opinions regarding what went on, what was "revealed" and if this is another scam like Triad Trading Formula or if Jason is truly onto something and dieing to make us all rich...
    Another RED FLAG for me is that this system costs exactly the same amount as his Triad Trading Formula released in May of this year - and it is somehow still selling out fast for 5 months straight!?!
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  2. Music Man

    Music Man Corporal

    Aug 8, 2009
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    I also got roped into receiving the emails, apparently by signing up with the free Forex Auto-Scalper from Martin Alexander. After signing up, I was bombarded by emails about how I could get this or that EA for "free". Then, the Correlation Code stuff started arriving... talk about hype!

    Yo, Jason and Martin -- you guys have simply GOT to dial it down a bit! I do not know if your system works or not, but I was so put off by the hyper-hype, I decided to unsubscribe fom Martin's list. When Jason's emails kept coming, I set the spam filter to (hopefully) weed him out. Over-aggressive marketing is bad... not good.

    Unless you are looking for the sort that actually believes that sort of thing, I suppose.

    Not for me.

  3. IndyPip

    IndyPip Recruit

    Dec 2, 2009
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    I just created an account to post in this thread. I've been trading forex full time full for 1.5 yrs and feel like I've got a good understanding of it. That being said, I purchased the CC system on 10/28, watched the videos and read the manual about three times. In theory it should work, I traded on one of my demo account to check it out. I got some good returns the first two weeks and decided to go live (you know where this is going). After getting returns of roughly 350 pips on the demo I got stopped out after about 900 pips on the live account lol.

    Needless to say they are good about returning your money (thank God). It's simply to costly for the lack of performance in my opinion. The pending orders rarely hit so you find yourself sitting in front of the charts all day long adjusting your pending orders. I did however have good luck with there PAC indicator trading on a 15min chart, but you can get a PAC anywhere for zero cost and then just trade a correlated or non corr pairs.

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