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Discuss Dukascopy.com

General discussions of a financial company
I find that they offer extremely excellent stuffs.

But I'm afraid it'll be another "crown forex" at the end of the day.

Does anyone here can define more about them to me please?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm actually contemplating of opening an account with them because their terms and conditions are more competitive than others.

Can anyone write to me and advise me accordingly please?

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Thanks a lot for your well-wishes.

You're most welcomed.

I'll definitely post all updates from time to time.

Let's hope that everything goes well with them.
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I joint with Amasis Capital Management as a client who invest money for forex trading. According Amasis they work as Amasis Capital Management Group Ltd as well as the Dukascopy managed accounts traded by Amasis Capital Management SA (together, “Amasis Capital Management”).
I and many clients from Indonesia have bad experience with Amasis capital management that our money all pending and can not withdrawal from Amasis since February 2009 until now.
Many letters send to us with many reasons for delay.
Can we have information from Dukascopy if Amasis capital management is work or member of Dukascopy managed account ?
And how can we have our money back from Amasis ?
Where we can submit our complain about Amasis ?

Hello Nancy Cheah,

have not heard from you for a long time - how is it going with Dukascopy? There are some rather unpleasant reviews around concerning customer service and execution.

Regards, Stony