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I've made eConsumer the first place to complain for all types of scams. Why? Because eConsumer shares info on request with police and regulators in over 60 countries. Your report might end up being the final piece of evidence needed to prosecute a scammer on the other side of the world. Someone else's report might have that last item needed to go after the scammer in your country.

As you file complaints with other police and regulator agencies, give them all the information they request. Also include your eConsumer report number. It's great that eConsumer has so much data on scammers, but it's also sad that not every regulatory investigator or law enforcement officer knows about this. By making sure they are aware of eConsumer, you not only may be helping them get info needed to help you, but also be helping them solve other online scam cases.

My only complaint about eConsumer is that I don't see way to attach images and other forms of evidence. Because of this, you need to make absolutely sure that the contact info you provide (at least an email address) is valid if a regulator or law enforcement officer finds your report and wants to see your evidence.

To file a report with eConsumer, go here:

And then select a complaint subject to get started.


Don't worry about accidentally clicking the wrong box. Each result has an option to "Return to complaint subjects" if you make a mistake.

If you've been lured in by a Romance or Pig Slaughter scam, click the Impostor Scams: Family, Friend, Government, Business or Romance box. That brings you here:


And the 4th item down is Romance Scams: Requests for money under the guise of a romantic relationship. Click it and you'll be taken to the complaint form.

If your problem involves any other type of trading account (Forex, Crypto, Binary, or Managed Account scams) select the Jobs and Making Money box. That brings you here:


At the bottom of the list you will see Other Investments. Click it and you'll be taken to the complaint form.

If your problem involves a product or service (Software, Signals, or Trading Course scams) select the box. That brings you here:


At the top of the list, you will see Online Shopping: Products ordered over the internet and problems related to the order. Click it and you'll be taken here:


What you need to check is based on the details of your problem. The most likely options are I never received merchandise, I did not receive a prompt refund, The merchandise I received was not as described, or perhaps I received counterfeit goods. Once you have checked the appropriate boxes, just click one of the Continue buttons and you will be taken to the complaint form.
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