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Discuss Esplanade-MS.com (Esplanade Market Solutions)

General discussions of a financial company
Recently, I’ve opened an account with this broker. I don’t know about no deposit bonuses, maybe, there were some before, but I haven’t seen anything like that. To be honest, I didn’t actually even look for them. I have no interest in bonuses. There’re not many reviews about the broker, and a lot of what’s written contradicts with what my friend has told me about it in real life. I believed my friend more, thus I’ve used my usual amount to open an account at once without testing the broker with small deposits. I’ll write here my thoughts about the broker as soon as I have any.
I don’t know what your friend’s told you, but there’re complaints about this broker on FPA. Recently, someone has written that his order was closed by itself. Search the forum for this, if you cannot find it, I’ll give you a direct link.
I saw these complaints. What's your point? There's nothing criminal with them. And besides, I'm used to checking everything myself. The same is with this broker. There are no complaints about the work so far, well we'll see what happens next.
Heh, I've recently looked through this broker's assets list and found that they have cryptocurrency... I have only one question, why? There are specialized exchanges where you can work with the crypt.
Yeah, yeah, I know about exchanges. Have you ever tried to register at a normal stock exchange? If not, then I'll reveal a small secret to you. You may not be able to find registration for half a year because the queue is huge or the registration is completely closed at good stock exchanges. They have a huge amount of applications and cannot process them quickly. And don't forget about verification. It takes more than one month. Long story short, if you're ready to spend quite a lot of time on this, then good luck with the cryptocurrency exchange. And I'll make shift with esplanade market solutions=)
Well, yes, there is such problem with registration and verification. It would be foolish to deny this. In this light, the broker can be an alternative, while you're trying to register on the stock exchange. You can trade with the crypt at the broker's. There is some logic in this.
It's true about the problem with registration and verification on stock exchanges. I myself have come across such situations, so I know what I'm talking about. The main trick is that until you pass the verification (and it can take 6 months) you cannot withdraw money. The situation being what it is, trading with the crypt at the broker's seems to be quite an acceptable option because here the verification is done much faster.
Well, registration and verification on the exchange is a great problem, but there are pros on the exchange as well. I came to the opinion that trading with cryptocurrency with a broker is an intermediate option while looking for registration on a reliable exchange.