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eToro Relaunches The World's Most Popular Forex Website

Discussion in 'Press Releases' started by ~ eToro ~, Oct 22, 2009.

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    eToro Relaunches The World's Most Popular Forex Website​

    eToro announce the launch of an upgraded currency trading website, designed to bring Forex to more people than ever before.

    Limassol, Cyprus, Oct. 22/PRNewswire/ - eToro – the groundbreaking Forex trading platform – today announced the launch of a groundbreaking upgrade to their foreign currency trading site (eToro - Online Forex Trading Platform). The new website delivers an array of new features including a transformed visual feel, increased range and depth of information, an expanded range of languages and greatly improved site navigation which enhance the experience of accessing the site and which the company hope will make Forex trading easier and more popular than ever before.

    "The new eToro website helps makes Online Forex trading an inviting option for more people than ever" said Johnathan Assia, CEO of eToro. "By further opening up Forex to the world, the website stands at the center of eToro's bold plans to transform financial trading.".

    The site marks the next stage in evolution for the company's radical vision for making Forex trading open to every Internet user. As part of this evolution, the new eToro site offers people more ways than ever before to access the Forex market with both downloadable and web based platforms accessed directly from the website, at the click of a button.

    Existing customers of eToro are likely to immediately love the upgraded site for its obvious advantages over the previous website – as a more pleasant visual feel – in addition to the massive transformation in customer experience that it heralds. Anyone who is new to the site should also instantly appreciate the care and consideration that have been built into the heart of the new website and which make the experience of navigating the site simple and enjoyable.

    eToro brings financial trading to life for hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, with more than 2,000 unique customer downloads per day. Its ‘people friendly’ trading platform makes Forex: easy to start, simple to learn and great to trade. eToro's educational and trading toolbox together with outstanding personal service delivers Forex that’s a delight to master. Its visual trading style lets every trader at every level of experience enjoy their trading. Forex powered by eToro makes harnessing the power of financial markets simple and rewarding.

    About the eToro platform and partner brokers

    The unprecedented success of eToro's innovative platform has led several of the world’s leading brokers – to offer Forex brokerage services across the eToro platform. All financial transactions that occur across the platform are made solely between the client and the broker. eToro’s partner brokers provide its clients with market liquidity, place their trades and execute their trading orders. eToro collaborates exclusively with respected international brokers that offer our clients the best, most flexible, trading conditions around. eToro is licensed to offer its platform for traders in the U.S.A. through brokers that are licensed with the National Futures Association (NFA).

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    Ron Brightman,
    VP Marketing, eToro
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