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Exness Brokerage problem with commisyen refferal

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by zarrmans, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. zarrmans

    zarrmans Recruit

    Apr 11, 2011
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    Commisyen partnership not receive when client close position by stop out.
    Partnership 14712.
    Clinet account: 54749
    Order number : 2474803

    This is communication with exness

    Muhamad Amirul Asraf Mansor | 20:07

    Evgenia Dakhno | 20:08
    Your Clients order closed by Stop out in a big minus, You will not receive commission from it

    Muhamad Amirul Asraf Mansor | 20:11
    what is your rules n regulation if client close -ve, im cannot receive commisyen

    Evgenia Dakhno | 20:13
    If Client closed in big minus IB will not receive commission
  2. zarrmans

    zarrmans Recruit

    Apr 11, 2011
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    Every time your client executes a transaction, you receive a commission.

    Partner Program

    The EXNESS Partner Program is your chance to start your own turnkey business on the best terms. It’s an opportunity to make money no matter where you are located and regardless of the timing and frequency of your clients’ trades.

    Every time your client executes a transaction, you receive a commission.

    EXNESS uses a percentage system for paying partners, which maximizes our partners’ profits without affecting their clients’ trading costs. Our partners have found that this system benefits them more than anything offered by other companies.
    You can choose how you want to work with EXNESS:
    EXNESS Partner

    Commission of a Partner is 30% of the spread on Level 1 clients’ transactions
    Premium Partner (Introducing Broker)

    Increased commission on Level 1 clients’ transactions, commission on Level 2 client’s transactions
    Regional Representative

    Official representative status in your region
    White Label

    Start an internet trading business under your own brand

    EXNESS considers every client a partner. Every client can earn a commission of 30% of spread on transactions by clients they introduce to EXNESS. It’s easy – just use your unique agent link to invite new clients.

    Your link looks like this: https://www.exness.com/a/%Account number%

    Example: https://www.exness.com/a/123456

    You don’t have to register as a Company Partner to invite new clients. Your agent link is active as soon as you register your account.
    If you take the next step and sign a partnership agreement with EXNESS, you’re choosing reliability and high returns, as well as the following advantages:
    Generous partner rewards

    You receive a percentage of spread on your clients’ transactions, as well as on transactions by your Level 2 clients (those are the clients your clients sign up).

    Instant commissions

    As soon as a client’s position is closed, your commission is immediately credited to your account, regardless of the timing or volume of the transaction.

    Automatic withdrawals

    At present, approximately 95% of all withdrawals are processed automatically without assistance by the finance department.

    No limitations on accrued commissions

    EXNESS places no limitations on how much you can earn in commissions. You will receive a reward on each and every transaction for each of your clients, regardless of the transaction timing or volume.

    No limitations on withdrawal of commissions

    You can withdraw your commission at any time without any minimum or maximum limits;
    No limitations based on transaction time;
    Accrued and withdrawn commission levels depend on trading volumes irrespective of clients' deposits volume;
    No limitations on what amount of your commissions you can withdraw per day/week/month;
    No meeting new client targets to receive commission;
    No minimum time between opening and closing a position.

    We give you detailed statistics

    Partners have access to aggregate and detailed statistics on their clients and commissions.

    An opportunity to work with a large, reliable brokerage

    EXNESS policy is to always meet our obligations to partners and clients. We are proud of always quickly reviewing partner communications, and we always make sure that conflicts are resolved fairly.

    Best trading conditions are the cornerstone of reciprocal cooperation

    Dear Clients and Partners!

    Favorable trading conditions are the key to stable, long-term growth for any company offering services in the international currency market. Today EXNESS clients get the best spreads for the most popular currency pairs on the Forex. Why? Because creating optimal Forex trading conditions for our clients is a key strategic goal at EXNESS. That is why we are once again tightening spreads for Mini and Classic accounts trading in the main currency pairs!

    In order to prevent an imbalance between partner program commissions and the cost of insurance against the Company’s risks related to handling transactions, we are forced to change the percentages paid on trades by our partners’ clients using all types of accounts. Starting August 1, 2011, the regular commission will be 30% and premium partners (IB) will receive 35% of the average spread for each trade.

    To reduce the effects of this change, we will also remove all limits on commissions for trades lasting less than 10 minutes. Starting August 1, 2011, the duration for which a position is held will have no effect on partner commissions. Our partners will notice the difference, since EXNESS studies have shown that the majority of commissions are paid on transactions by traders who hold positions for a short period of time (scalping). With transaction duration limits out of the way, EXNESS partners will see their partnership commissions grow.

    Tighter spreads will also create an environment in which each client can make more trades at an unprecedentedly low cost, making it even easier for our partners to attract new clients.

    We believe that these new measures will result in an even more profitable relationship for EXNESS clients and partners.

    EXNESS remains a leader in rewarding its partners, with commissions that are among the largest in the Forex industry.
  3. Exness

    Exness Exness Representative

    Aug 25, 2010
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    Hello Sir,
    The commission from this transaction was not paid due to the point 7.9, subpoint C of the Partnership Agreement. You can find it here: http://exness-holdings.com/partnership_agreement_en.pdf
    This sub point describes the situation when the Client's orders were closed by SO and after that there is negative balance on the Client's account and we have to compensate this negative balance.
    Please, study all the documents carefully to avoid such kind of questions in future. All documents are available by this link: https://www.exness.com/news/article/NewClientAgreement

    Best Regards,

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