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Hi! Having studied set of advisers has stopped on it Your opinion?

I hope everyone here is stupid enough to not notice that Elina's reply is only 16 minutes after mine. If they do, some moderator might check and see that Elina and I are really the same person using 2 accounts to have a conversation.

I also hope that people are stupid enough to buy a product from spammers like me. That's how I make all of my money.


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New expert for Forex !

Hi! Having studied set of advisers has stopped on it Your opinion?

I work with these forex-e-trading already half a year. While all ок

The reason I think this is all ok is that I am posting from the same location that Maks637 asked his question. I waited 16 whole minutes to make it less obvious that Maks637 and I are the same person. I like having conversations with myself since I always agree with me.

I posted this spam in the Forex Trading Systems and Strategies folder. Being a spammer means that I don't care about little rules like that folder being for non-commercial systems. All I care about is getting your money.

Send me your money or I will spam you some more.


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0 SPAM - My happy story! Pump your cont EASY! True or False?

True or False? I'm a spammer, so it's false

For a long time I'm on the FOREX market. There have been ups and downs ... Of course I initially sold itself without the aid program robots. When I started learning about EA, it wanted to buy this. ... have lost lot of money ... To everything must be approached thoughtfully! Currently 9 months of use the EA, the name I will not say it's my profit and my secret, although anyone can if they wish to find himself. Only now much of these programs which do not work, but only lose your money! Yes, I deliberately went the second time at the risk and it come true! Now I digress, EA help me, every month I get updates from the good programmers analyzing the the market daily. I have a a stable growth of profits! This is my happy story!

And you? You use the EA?

I put this teaser spam into Forex Trading Systems and Stratenies. I didn't give the name of the product as until I spammed General Forex Talk a few days later.

Both those folders aren't for advertisements, but I don't care. I only want your money.
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Forex-e-Trading System SPAM - Good, Best, Excellent quality SPAM

This spam message was in General Forex Talk. I didn't bother to read the rules about not putting ads there. I don't care about rules. I only care about getting your money.

I hope everyone is too stupid to notice that I was pretending to be a happy customer in my first spam post and now I'm directly speaking for the company.

Guaranteed Profit! Do not like it - we will return the money!

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The main of them are:

* The release from the routine market analyze and extrication of time for the new trading ideas research.
* The exclusion out of the trading subjective factors as psychology and emotions.
* Comprehensive research of the trading system based on the historical facts.

During the robot development as a foundation was taken the requirement of the search of optimal enters which allow using the maximum close stops. It helps to reduce serious loss of the deposit even during the period of long continuous series of the unprofitable deals. There is no such a method of trading in the advisor which is used as scalping, arbitrage, night trading or trading without stops. (The advisor doesn’t use such methods as scalping, arbitrage , night trading or trading without stops).

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