Recommend MOGAFX (2 accounts - both belong to 1 MogaFX employee)


I work and spam for MogaFx
While surfing Facebook last year around October 2020, I came across my MOGA account manager Andrew. He was super helpful in guiding me through the tough and foreign terrains of Forex. With doubt but mostly optimism I started trading with a low budget of $500 USD, and have been trading since, roughly traded a little over $10,000 USD by now. My account manager also showed me how I was able to become an Introducing broker, where I could have friends and family trading under my umbrella, I now have 2 of my friends trading with MOGA under my account and was able to earn a little extra on their trades as well. It was easy, exciting and most importantly comfortable. My MOGA account manager really made the experience memorable.

I have seen other comments or posts bashing MOGA and saying they were unable to withdraw their funds. I have yet had this problem over the multiple times I withdrew my earnings I’ve NEVER had this problem. I am so thankful to my acct. manager for the personal care and accessibility.

I am now still trading with MOGA posted is my trading chart, if you have any questions feel free to reach out.:)

Spam Cat was impressed that you provided a screen shot to back up your lie about just being a happy client of MogaFX. Most spammers like you don't bother to create images to try to lend realism to their fake advertisements.

Spam Cat does wonder why someone smart enough to created such an impressive spam message was stupid enough to use your employee email account ( to pretend to be a simple client of MogaFX in the first post of your spamvertizing campaign. Then you were even more stupid by having as the email address on the account that posted a reply.

Are all MogaFX employees as stupid and unethical as you, or are you special?


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fair review. I had some happy trading experience with them too. would like to try again after reading this

Hello Vivien.Huang, aka ForexGuru0707,

Spam Cat knows your real name is Richard Hsu and knows you work for Spam Cat has been a little busy eating other spammers, but is happy to add you to tonight's menu. Spam Cat will use you to make a tasty dish of sweet and sour spam and then eat you.