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Forexearlywarning All Day Forex Training Vancouver, B. C., November 12, 2011

Discussion in 'Press Releases' started by Mark Mc Donnell, Sep 27, 2011.

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    Jan 20, 2010
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    Summary - Forexearlywarning will conduct an all day live forex seminar in Vancouver, British Columbia Saturday, November 12th , 2011, with Mark McDonnell of Forexearlywarning.com as presenter.

    Forexearlywarning will conduct an all day live forex seminar in Vancouver, British Columbia Saturday, November 12th , 2011 Seminar hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, with Mark McDonnell of Forexearlywarning.com as presenter.

    Agenda - Mark will cover the five major areas of forex study including: support and resistance, parallel and inverse analysis, multiple timeframe analysis, writing a forex trading plans, entry management/money management and additional topics from our 35 lesson training package from Forexearlywarning.com as time allows.

    There will also be several interactive sessions where Mark quizzes the audience about many forex topics.

    Please note that this seminar will not cover the standard technical indicators used by the forex industry nor will the seminar cover scalping. The Forexearlywarning.com system is totally different and the system works every day to capture pips using swing to position trading across 28 pairs. We focus on total market analysis and exact entry points.

    Seminar Location - The seminar will be conducted at the Best Western Abercorn Inn, Vancouver Airport Hotel, 9260 Bridgeport Road, British Columbia Canada V6X 1S1

    Seminar Registration - The seminar cost is $99 CAD per person and the price includes the Saturday seminar, ice water, coffee and soda throughout the day, lunch buffet, WIFI Internet and electrical connections. There will be classroom style seating for attendees, so bring your laptops. Only 60 seats are available so we expect it to sell out quickly.

    The menu for the included lunch on Saturday will be a New York Deli Buffet: fruit salad, potato chips and dip, assorted deli meats and cheeses, assorted breads and rolls, condiments, assorted desserts, coffee, decaf and iced tea.

    Payment Instructions - The meeting organizer is Mr. Sam Araki of Tradingmetro.com you can email him at sam@tradingmetro.com for questions as well as Mark Mc Donnell at partners@forexerlywarning.com with any questions about the seminar.

    All payments for registration fees should be made through Paypal. Go to the Paypal Website, and click on “Send money”. Send the $99 CAD payment directly to Sam Araki, using their Paypal address of payments@tradingmetro.com and specify $CAD.

    Also, at that time, please drop an email to Sam at sam@tradingmetro.com providing your name, address, telephone, and email address. Also let him know if you are paying for more than one attendee with any details. The $99 fee guarantees you a seat.

    You will be advised of same early in the week of the seminar via email. Enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis, until sold out, so get your reservations in right away to make sure you aren’t shut out!

    Additional Travel and Hotel Information - If you need a room at the Best Western Abercorn Inn Hotel be sure to use the promotional code Forexearlywarning for the special room rate of $89.95 CAD which includes breakfast.

    Pre Seminar Homework - Prior to attending the seminar all attendees should read the six technical papers and five google knols to prepare them for the seminar. Also set up the free trend indicators from Forexearlywarning.com. This will even out the audience and facilitate Mark's ability to teach at a higher level without having traders in the audience with no knowledge of the system.

    Acknowledgements - Mark Mc Donnell wishes to thank Sam Araki of Trading Metro and Mr. Ray Beattie for coordinating this seminar. He is dedicated to helping forex traders in the Vancouver area and give their time and effort to put together this low cost seminar.

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