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Discuss ForexExecutive.com (John Simons)

General discussions of a financial company
Forex executive

I tried the robot just for some days. I sent 2 emails under my name (after I purchased the robot) and another 2 with different names asking for information and saying that I was interested to know more about it. I never got a reply.
The robot is not suggesting many trades, it will wait for calm conditions (this is my opinion) and will suggest a long trade and a short trade that is equally distanced from the current price. The profit was always 10 pips and it is suggested that if you have a winning trade to not delete the opposite trade because (since the market is not moving much) it could retrace an give you another winning trade. In the sales screen it shows moves that are much larger, I did not get any. All and all was 10 pip trades.
I asked my money back and got it without a problem.