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Problem forexgen(www.forexgen.com) is a scammer help me !

I am having an issue with a company
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forexgen(ForexGen - Online Forex Trading | ForexGen.com) is a scammer, and their competition is scammer also. I got the first at April compectition, and got the $250 reward,and finish 50 lots according to their requirement to make withdraw, but first they request me to pay 30% fees , but I did not get any payments after they remove the funds from my account. Their rule is 24 hours to pay by E-gold, but I have waited for one week, there is no reply from them. A big scammer, after 2 weeks, they suspend my accounts without any reasons,i recive an email said :
"Kindly note that your account has been suspended due to violation of ForexGen trading limitation:

h. Security threatening activities.

i. Any other hostile activities that threatens ForexGen, its customers, business partners and counter parties."

I have all proof , I will build a scammer zone to disclose at my forum ²Æ¸»ºËÐÄ - Powered by Discuz! , i hope with more people have more cooperation , my skype :theskyhy please help me ! thank you ! my account is 5012848

next is chinese , i told every trader about this forexgen is a big scammer .

forexgen (www.forexgen.com)是个骗子公司 , 他们的比赛是个骗局,我在四月份的比赛拿了第一名,得到了250美金的信用奖励,按照规定做够50手提取利润,他们首先要求支付30%的费用,同意后,要求支付的资金从平台扣除,一直好多天没有收到他们的支付。他们规定E-GOLD 提款1个工作日,但是我等了一个星期。他们只会让等待,让写邮件,但是确不回复。这是个骗局,as soon as possible 只是一个可笑的谎言。我有所有的证据证明我所说的一切。强举手之劳告诉自己所在的群,维护我们共同的利益,寻求共同的受骗者,赶跑骗子。²Æ¸»ºËÐÄ - Powered by Discuz! 本论坛将建立骗子揭露专区。 QQ 151370794
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