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Problem Foundxations signal provider

I am having an issue with a company
anyway i'm not a victim maybe just to warn or share my experience with this signal provider which he is giving false marketing and let people know what it is really like behind the scene. tho his signal is very not accurate he do get it right sometimes. anyway thanks for the info i'll have a look
You are most welcome :)
Lol this guy doing it again. yesterday gave a gold signal as below
XAUUSD buy stop
entry 1875
sl 1871.5
tp1 1879.5
tp2 1890
tp3 1925
tp4 1985

the signal did indeed hit tp1 but after that hit the SL. so by using his way which is move stops to BE after trade running 1:2 or like what he say some people doesnt move sl at all. with that in mind he has send a voice note saying "hope you make some profit from gold earlier, you should have as tp1 was hit, regardless of stop loss after, you should make some pretty good profits"

so i hope that anyone who wish to sign up for his Pro+ service can google the review and hopefully see my personal experience with him. But i want to say sometimes once in a blue moon he do get his signal correct and have good profits but that is u know how to use his signal. If trade is running 1:2 and u move ur stops to break even and hit then go into massive profit he will say people dont move SL but if it hit Break even and the SL he will say he close in break even. It's just confusing and i believe a lot of signal provider are using such method to manipulate thier results to make it look attractive to entice people to join and also fake marketing. They really earn not through trading but through broker commission ifu go under their IB or through subscription. Hope it helps


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